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 CG departure

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FSX Capital Guardians


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PostSubject: CG departure   Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:52 pm

The CG will also be leaving the VR world. Over modding is ridiculous, a large majority of what goes on in this world is absurd, and factions are too loose with nuclear weapons.

Over the past months, we have perfected our Burst Warheads, and have been placed in our bases. These have been set to self destruct if any CURRENT VM decides to invade our land. Our land is to be a NEUTRAL meeting ground. no current VM is to set foot in it. If a new VM comes and would like the territory, by all means they can have it. under no circumstances, is the territory to go to the GPEO, WCF, VMC, FSXAA, or any other faction currently in this world. Attempts will result in the destruction of these burst warheads.

as for our tactical nuclear torpedo project, it was a partial success. we were able to create small nuclear warheads, but we were unable to put them on torpedoes. These warheads have been disassembled, and discarded into the sea over the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

Our air forces are to remain at their bases, manned by their respective national guard pilots/troops. The top brass at every base has been given the arming code for the burst warheads, and WILL destroy them if the situation warrants. These bases are neutral territory, and as I have said, are NOT to be taken over by ANY CURRENT VM.

We will make ONE exception to foreign VMs entering our territory, and that is to meet for peace talks/ treaties/ any kind of summit. they are to come in PRIVATE JETS, and NOT military aircraft. Private jets include: Lears, BBJs, Bombardier Challenger, Cessna Citation/Mustang, dassault falcons, and so on. C- series, F-series, A-series, and B-series, and any other kind of military series are FORBIDDEN from entering CG airspace.

That is all.
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CG departure
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