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 The OMBU Black Ops

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OMBU Nick Bernow


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PostSubject: The OMBU Black Ops   Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:55 pm

For those who don't know already(dragon), I am the Commanding Officer of the OMBU Black Ops. We are a democratic faction with land in the UK, Ireland and Canada. We are the chief leaders of the United British Peoples Union. I also have a weapons corporation called OMBU Corporate. If you have any questions about my faction, let me or my associates know
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PostSubject: Re: The OMBU Black Ops   Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:59 pm

Which Airorts do you operate out of ? How do you OWN everything and have an ability to construct something out of nothing ? What airport did you start from ? How do you claim so much land when you have nothing to claim it. How can give you take land that someone claimes you can have when they don't have that land to give ?

Again, "Which Airports Do you Operate out of ?" If you have nothing to operate out of then you do NOT Actually Exist. And Read the "Fix to the VR-World" on the GPEO forum, and get an idea of how the VR-World ctually flows, it is natrual in its way, common sense and logical. State "what airports you operate from," before no one takes you seriously any more.
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The OMBU Black Ops
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