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 UIA Intel - About IRF

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PostSubject: UIA Intel - About IRF   Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:53 pm

International Royal Federation - Operates out of Vietnam and has aquired the old ACC/VRC Arsinal or weapons and supplies

IRF is or was a Terrorist Militia group which its aims were to terrorize GPEO and other International Groups.

IRF has since disbanded and or its leaders are currently underground possibly forming other groups to continue to terrorize the global community.

Known leader of the group is KillerC22, once a loyal GPEO Bomber Pilot, now he has gone mad. He continues to claim that GPEO is a dictatorship rule and insist that GPEO be under some form of Government Control or rule, which is redundant and makes no sense.

Killer seems to have left GPEO because there was no authority or rule, and claims that GPEO should have been in control over its members. Then left and criticized the GPEO for being a Controlling Dictatorship Communist Faction. Not realizing how truly GPEO is Free he formed the IRF while still being part of the GPEO, used one of the GPEO B-52's and made an agreement with the ACC (V-Red Cross) and acquired some nukes and set up a missile facility in Switzerland. He used his B-52 and launched 3 Nuclear weapons at the heart of Paris.

Since then he had made an attempt at bombing Scar Creak, a known USEA Facility; claims were that IRF had launched as nuke at Scar Creak but no nukes were detonated in the area, though evidence of Bio-Weapon residue in the area could mean that there was a Bio Attack, Staff at the airport have since then been getting sick from an unknown flu or bug. The USEA facility is working on a vaccine for this bug, and the base is on lock down and under quarantine status. The main entrance is also locked down and still remains on lock down until further notice. This kind of weapon might have been developed by the former ACC Staff, though this is unconfirmed. IRF has also carried out a confirmed bombing run on Kodang AB which is another GPEO Base. There have even been reports of Nuke Threats on Guam and other GPEO Bases. Also some B-52's were stolen from Guam, and disappeared last headed to South Vietnam. Currant wear bouts of the aircraft are unknown.
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UIA Intel - About IRF
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