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 UIA Intel - About VIAF

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PostSubject: UIA Intel - About VIAF   Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:58 pm

The Virtual Israeli Air Force was formed as a Sub-Faction Militia group which was lead by a political agent of the GPEO. This group showed that with nourishment it could have grown into a formidable faction. Some pilots signed up about joining and were never heard from again. The first members of this group would have been trained by the GPEO Officer Training program. Eventually the group would be made to become Politically Independent and partnered with its host faction as an ally.

The project and group was later disbanded and abandoned due to inactivity, though it still could be re-activated. If the right person signs up and is capable of leading, this group could be a formidable ally to its host faction. However if such group changes its political aims it could become a formidable rival to its host faction.

Israeli pilots have been known to be aggressive and unforgiving to their opponents. Such faction could be a dangerous opponent and strong ally. Israelis fight strong for their Families and Friends and poses a strong aggression toward groups that threaten their cause, family and friends.
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UIA Intel - About VIAF
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