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 UIA Intel - About FSX-VAST

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PostSubject: UIA Intel - About FSX-VAST   UIA Intel - About FSX-VAST Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 7:02 pm

The FSX-VAST is one of several faction names and sites created and disbanded due to its leader’s total lack of leadership and ability to form a successful faction.

The FSX-VAST formed and eventually started posting claims of being allied with several factions, most notably the VRCAF and claimed its enemy was GPEO, and also have challenged the ACC and even was bold enough to attack the ACC out right. During their conflict the ACC downed all of their planes with minimal losses.

The GPEO later had established communication with this group to verify their claims of rivalry only to be disregarded as a weaker force by its ignorant leader. The GPEO and other factions including the rivals of GPEO later disregarded this faction as an unorganized wana-be faction.

It is believed that the incapable leader of this group or groups (which is incapable of politically communicating logically or intelligently) should just give up its pathetic ambitions of forming a faction and to just join one that is already established, rather than continuously embarrass itself.
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UIA Intel - About FSX-VAST
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