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 UIA Intel - About the SSS

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UIA Intel - About the SSS Empty
PostSubject: UIA Intel - About the SSS   UIA Intel - About the SSS Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 7:03 pm

The Supper Sonic Squadron was an independent Squadron. Its leaders were based out of Germany and Turkey, and their members were internationally mixed. This unit was a formation team of which had an arsenal of about 10-to-12 F-18’s. The TNF and GPEO had made first contact with this group. The GPEO later offered for this unit to become one of the GPEO Units. This group accepted and utilized the GPEO Telecommunications Network (Team Speak). This unit however failed to successfully learn how to dog fight, and did not learn much during the little time they had during fighter training though they did attempt to practice with the rest of GPEO pilots a few times. The majority of them were inexperienced fighter pilots, but were experienced at formation flying.

After some time of serving in with the GPEO the leader of the SSS (Turkish G-Force) lost internet connection due to him moving to another Country. The Squadron fell apart, never to be heard from again. Its current status is unknown.

It was later found out that one of their pilots was an active Elite FSXF Fighter Pilot, and was the most experienced FSXF fighter pilot at the time. This was one of the pilots that never showed up for fighter training, however this pilot eventually met with the GPEO leader during the middle of the GPEO’s Civil War and practiced a dog fight. This pilot proved to be very experienced in dog fighting and formation flying. There is a video recording of this exercise that one day might be published.
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UIA Intel - About the SSS
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