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 UIA Intel - About 7th Task Force FSX

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PostSubject: UIA Intel - About 7th Task Force FSX   Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:05 pm

7th Task Force FSX (Task Force FSX) is a Carrier Task Force based out of Norfolk VA, and occasionally sails to the Mediterranean Sea for patrols, natural disaster relief and carrier operations. This group also planned to employ the A-Team, a mercenary unit made up of several soldiers of different Special Forces from all around the world. TF-7 FSX has served in the relief of Haiti, Katrina, and other places where natural disasters took place. It is not yet known but it is believed that fighters from SimGameIt also might operate on the carrier of TF-7.

The Carrier Task Force is believed to have operated with SimGameIt, which is a group that is not related to the FSX VR-World as we know of. We do know that TF-FSX has operated with ACC and planned to operate with GPEO at some point. Some trading of information and some limited communication with this force has lead to information that the Task Force is limited in strength, and in the need for a capable leadership staff, which lead to the GPEO offer to join in as a contracted Task Force to operate out of and defend seas of importance to the GPEO, though with a limited communication the opportunity started to slip away. However the GPEO may plan to raise communications once again in hopes to establish a steady communications line and offer the opportunity once again to form up within the GPEO to serve in areas all over the world in the defense of its cause, Freedom.
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UIA Intel - About 7th Task Force FSX
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