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 UIA Intel - About Rogue Mercenary Squadron

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UIA Intel - About Rogue Mercenary Squadron Empty
PostSubject: UIA Intel - About Rogue Mercenary Squadron   UIA Intel - About Rogue Mercenary Squadron Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 7:07 pm

The Rogue Mercenary Squadron was formed by Major ‘Flyboy’ during the Revolutionary War in which the GPEO and FSXF waged a 6 month long war. The Rogue Mercenary Squadron was contracted to the GPEO as a Fighter Unit operating on one of the GPEO Task Forces. The unit served during countless battles (mostly in the Pacific Theater) and gained several victories during the war. The unit employed 5 South African pilots as well as 2-to-3 US fighter pilots. It employed its own aircrews and AWACS unit. Their main aircraft of choice was the F-18 and F-35; South Africa also acquired several JAS-39 Gripens which the Rogue Squadron had acquired from Sweden.

Just before the GPEO Civil Conflict a silently puppeteer within the GPEO was barking up orders and banning pilots that were inactive to his standards and also banned pilots he didn’t like, and a argument of internal GPEO politics caused the Rogue Squadron to break off of the GPEO and then became an independent group, later operating a civilian airliner for income, and continued to be open for military contracting for potential groups. ‘Flyboy’ gained 30 confirmed air-to-air victories while serving in the GPEO against the FSXF, and also achieved another 37 training victories. His number 2 pilot XRAY achieved 2 air-to-air victories while serving in GPEO against the FSXF. Other Rogue pilots earned victories along with several training victories.

Rogue Squadron continues to be dormant though actively might be flying a private airliner company out of South Africa and the Caribbean. They currently have fighter aircraft however they might not be ready for combat, though if these craft are not being used as much the unit may one day move them into a mothball fleet state due to their possible inactivity. The RMS Unit status at this time is unknown, though their site shows activity and sources suggest that they are semi-active, flying their private airliner.
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UIA Intel - About Rogue Mercenary Squadron
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