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 UIA Intel - About ASPL

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PostSubject: UIA Intel - About ASPL   UIA Intel - About ASPL Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 7:13 pm

American Society for the Protection of Liberties

ASPL formed as a US lead Air Force Militia for protecting American Liberties in the US to help relieve the GPEO from being so spread out. ASPL also operated out of Paraguay, and West Canada to take over the defense of freedom in those regions, giving the GPEO more stability in other areas.

ASPL played a major role in the Defense of Freedom War, after the UCGS was attacked in the Middle East (Iran) by ACC forces. The ASPL invaded South and North Carolina as a result of the ACC attack on the United Community of the Global Society, and then made use of the bases of operation in Paraguay to secure the Falkland Islands at night, using SPOND Units, (the ASPL is the only other faction other than the GPEO to use SPOND Units). After securing the Carolinas the ASPL defended against immediate counter attacks from ACC forces somewhere from the North and immediately set up an impenetrable air defense line.

After the war bogged down the ASPL's leader had family and other matters to attend to, and later folded the ASPL into the GPEO as a result of that. ASPL’s land, equipment and bases now are part of the GPEO forces. The GPEO has stated that if the ASPL should be re-activated by its former leader that all former ASPL assets will be returned, so as long as it is not damaged or destroyed in conflicts with other factions.
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UIA Intel - About ASPL
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