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 UIA Intel - About SAB

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PostSubject: UIA Intel - About SAB   UIA Intel - About SAB Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 7:16 pm

The Soviet Air Brigade

The SAB was formed around the same time that TNF was formed, and was allied or partnered with TNF. Not much is knowned about the SAB, however, the Air and Brigade part leads to the belief that it was a Brigade sized unit. It is known that the group was operating as a Soviet unit which also leads to the belief that it was a remnent faction of the old Soviet Union, simelar to the 33rd Mountian Division, which is a unit from the re-established Soviet Union of THE MAP, wich was an Elite Unit.

It is not confirmed, but the SAB might have had some connections within Russia for the aquisition of nuclear capabilities. If this is the case, then their old ally TNF (Uatia) might possibly have connections as to the wherabouts of these potential nuclear materials, and might have the ability to aquire them. Judgeing by the SAB's immage, they might have been able to build such materials within the Russian Contenent.

After a few monthes of being established, the leader of the SAB dissapeared. Without leadership, the SAB eventually became low on personnel to sustain their group. The leader of the SAB is believed to have appointed successor, and the successor might have also became occupied with other affairs, and the SAB eventually folded into the TNF (Currentlly 'Uatia'). It is not known if the SAB will ever re-established. The SAB might be where Uatia (former TNF) accuired TU-95 Bombers, and also MiG-25 Enterceptors.
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UIA Intel - About SAB
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