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 UIA Intel - About UCFS

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PostSubject: UIA Intel - About UCFS   Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:26 pm

About the United Canadians of the Free Society

The UCFS was formed after the falland disbandent of the FSXCF/ (FSX Canadian Forces). THe UCFS was to be formed as a small group partnered with the GPEO, however it began to fall apart due to lack of competent leadership, however with the leader being part f the GPEO they were educated on leadership and the UCFS eventually became siccessful, after some time. THe UCFS and the GPEO Share Vancouver International Airport, and Comox, however the GPEO borders are still susstained and have not chainged since the Revolutionay War.

The UCFS and GPEO were to be promenent allies, however the UCFS partnered up with the WCF, which is a known rival of the GPEO. THe UCFS has been known to operate and trade with the MNU, and also operate with the WCF. The GPEO wished for a political confrence with the MNU, WCF and UCFS to discuss future enteractment and partnerships, however a meeting did not occur.
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UIA Intel - About UCFS
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