International Telecommunications Transmission Network
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 UIA Intel - About PCVM

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PostSubject: UIA Intel - About PCVM   Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:27 pm

About Pacific Carrier Virtual Military

The PCVM established in the U.A.E. The PCVM was origonally planned to b e a Carrier group, however the World Carrier count was limited, and all were occupied, but the name stuck. The PCVM became politically active with the GPEO soon in its establishment, and managed to get a GPEO Construction group to aid its lack of bases. After the construction group completed construction of their first major base of operation, the PCVM began operations, and offered to assist the GPEO if any conflict broke out in that region.

The PCVM eventually annexed some islands to the North, including Quatar, and conducted recon operations over Yemen and Oman in hopes to annex these states eventually. However, the UMEF had invaded these two territories making it dificult for the PCVM to politically annex these regions. A Border dispute eventually occured.

After a conflict between the UMEF and GPEO, the GPEO invaded Kuwait, and eventually donated it to the PCVM, in a political move wich angered the UMEF. A political move that gave the PCVM more of a chance to trade Kuwait for Oman and Yemen. However the PCVM would lose its chance of this political move by eventually disbanding due to lack of personnel and ability to recruit. Kuwait was returned to GPEO.
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UIA Intel - About PCVM
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