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 Task Force Crimson

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PostSubject: Task Force Crimson   Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:07 pm

I'm Spartacus, for those who do not know

Task Force Crimson is partially a regrouping of UMEF, but more of a fresh start after a few months of straight BS.

"Background Story"

After the "Self Destruction" of UMEF under Operation Belka, Spartacus' last act as commander was to send the UMEF Navy codenamed "Task Force Crimson" into the Pacific, where it would park near the Marshall islands. After 8 months of sitting at anchor, it was ordered, by Spartacus to move north towards the Johnston Atoll. It was met by a group of ships under the flag of VFF. Several days later, when VFF Declared war on GPEO, the group was ordered to turn west towards Japan.

After a couple of weeks, it reached Tokyo Harbor. Spartacus had negotiated its entry into the harbor. Soon after, a deal was signed granting the former UMEF Navy basing rights in Japan, along with Misawa AB and Kadena AB, along with some JASDF F15s, and various choppers.

The next day, TFC leadership traveled to Seoul, Korea, and negotiated it's incorporation into the Korean military, being based at Osan AB.

Task Force Crimson's mission is to provide regional defense to Japan and South Korea, while supporting interests overseas. TFC is notable because of the use of the USS Rockstar (former USS George H.W. Bush"

Note: TFC has full right to retrieve any surviving UMEF craft in former UMEF territory.

We fall under the Nationally Independent Factions

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PostSubject: Re: Task Force Crimson   Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:24 pm

Now, this is how to form a group ! Let everyone note that Sparticus now understands the logical and more sensable way to forming a group. I like how you state that JApan is allowing your group to base in JApan, rather than all out taking the whol place like some of these other groups claim to be doing with the rest of the world. Now you can see that it is more fun to grow this way with hard earned work, rather than the way of the newbs who pull unlimited everything out of nothing. The "Rockstar" has lots of history for, for those of you who do not know. It served against the FSXF, the Rogue Squadron based off of it and it is responcible for the operations in Okenawa and Iwojima, it was under Rockstars leadership during the GPEO coup' and then found itself under ACC for a short time, after Rockstar disbanded the Emperial GPEO, then it was stationed off the coast of Israel, where it is believed that ACC donated it to the UMEF, before it was used for the attackes on (kind of ironic) GPEO during the UMEF raids of Siberut Air Base, then was moved near by the GPEO sattelites of the Marshal Islands, anchored untill further notice, and seems to be in Tokyo bay, or off the coast of Korea. This ship has never been damaged by enemy action in the history that it has been built. Its original name was the CVN-77 "George H' W. Bush." A Simelar Carrier is under construction in Singapore, designated CVN-79, the other CVN-78 is under construction in Norfolk VA, where the GPEO began their construction. The Ships names have not been made yet, however the Gerald R. Ford CVN-78. these carriers are basically the same as the Rockstar/GHW-Busch.
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Task Force Crimson
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