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 A Transfermation

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PostSubject: A Transfermation   Sun Oct 03, 2010 5:04 am

I am seeing a lot of transfermation within many groups. It seems that many groups have returned to active political status, along with other groups being active, however are not politically active. The VR-World is changing fast, with new groups. Groups are not being informed about the proper method of operating their groups with common sense and logic. Groups will be determined with logical estimation of their ability and operation status, depending on their method of operation. This forum has been changed due to the wide veriaty of different groups style of operation.

If groups exist and they use the Dog Fighting Counting System, they most likley are part of the VR-World. They have a home regardless. New groups should post their primary base of operation, rather than claim regions or land, because they are so new that it would not make sense. Their base of operations is theirs by defualt, unless some other group operates there already. In which case the group who already operates there and the new group who desires to operate there woulld negotiate on if the base can be shared with the group that already operates there. The group already operating there has rights to the base by defult, however if both groups can not come to an agreement, a conflict or battle might end up happening, or the new group might end up having to find another home.

The goal of this world is not to take over, but is meant for groups to operate and be sustainable, to grow their group rather than their territory. Territory is rarely attained unless it is fought for or aquired by diplomacy, and if their annexiation of land looks oppressive, possible sanctions on their move could happen by other groups protesting their actions. For example of a group attacks a civilian airport, or a neutral territory (White Areas), other groups might accuse the new group for being terroristic, or Fascistly oppressive to the area they now clame. Taking land is tricky, because if no other group occupies it, then they take it without a fight, how do they have it ?

The proper way for taking something is not easy, it is tricky to captur a place or airport outright. A base, for example would not just be empty, someone would be there to fight for it in order to prevent them from taking it.

Uatia is a prime example of how to attain land with logical means. Using your imagination, fighting for it, creating an enemy of AI, or having unknown pilots play the role of the oposite side, and to fight you from taking the place you desire would mean that you earned it through combat, like Uatia did and currently does.

Using an AI enemy for capturing places that are not claimed by a person is a good way to determine if your group is capable of actually pulling off an attack or capturing something. Wrting war stories and how it was done also helps in the credability in your sucsess. Also, if in FSX (Game Spy), on line, calling out to other random playters in a session or a session hosted by your group, seeing if they would play the role of your enemy, to defend a base would also help.

Another example is when GPEO Liberated Panama, when random players showed up in the session, were given a brief idea of how to dog fight in FSX, using the counting system, and were told they could attempt to stop the GPEO from Liberating Panama. They engaged the GPEO and VSF, shot down some planes, and were shot down. Eventually the GPEO Liberated PAnama, and some of the random unknown pilots found a home within the VSF and GPEO.

IN the way of having random human players joining your session, it is productive to have them play the role of the ones defending something you are trying to attain. This way they fight you, you take them down (if you can) and when the battle is over, your group might be able to recruit them. MAking a news cast on your s ite or historical logs that the former government of that place has sided with you, making the pilots who fought against you the former military or mercenary force that is now part of your group. that or the ones you fought might end up creating a group, simelar to yours, to continue to fight you as an air resistance force, to combat your rule over their land, or area of protection.

So many things can be constructive out of true feelings of anger also. This is a Virtual World, and t is politically realistic, and some times can be extremely hard to win sertain things. Politically defeating your enemy is one of the hardest. Political war fare is worse than combat warfare, in which groups rarely fight the other, but politically can destroy the other, where the other gorup could disband without a shot fired.

Terrorist groups could form, just to anger or distrupt the VR-World. An example is how Killer founded multiple groups, where he was the only one in it, ad used different names to attack or politically disrupt different groups. FSXMC, a fihgter unit of 2 F-18 Pilots, using the F-18 "HARV" attacked several groups, for their egotistical purposes only, where they disrupted groups, caused groups to turn on one another, and also breeched groups and damaged the partnership of groups.

So much can be explained, but it takes someone who is truly intelligent to read the proper methods of how this world works to where everyone has common gound to do their thing and grow. Remember, it is not land that makes your group grow, it is intelligence, however, as your gorup grows, land for food and industry would be needed over time. The whole world is there, places like North Koreas can be ome to a group, to change its regieme and wy of life, understanding the current world culture, and understanding how those who live there might feel about a group like yours trying to operate there, finding lodical reasons why places like those might revolt your groups presence, etc. Logic, and Common Sense are key to understanding the method in which to operate in this VR-Wrold.

Good Luck, and if anyone has questions, Postthem up, and don't hesitate to ask.
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A Transfermation
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