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 Fix to VR-World (Detailed Explination) Read Carfully

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Fix to VR-World (Detailed Explination) Read Carfully Empty
PostSubject: Fix to VR-World (Detailed Explination) Read Carfully   Fix to VR-World (Detailed Explination) Read Carfully Icon_minitimeTue Oct 05, 2010 6:04 am

It has been realized that the VR-World seems to be corrupt and it seems that it is in need of fixing. But, the VR-World is in fact not corrupt. Factions blame other factions for the VR-World being messed up, but in fact it is not because of any of the factions that the VR-World is messed up, nor is the VR-World messed up or corrupt. The only thing corrupt is the false image in which many think the world is to be taken over, as if the VR-World is some sort of game itself, or that someone owns it. But, the VR-World is just a World in which factions inhabit, with common sense rules, like gravity, wind, weather, relativity, logic, common scientific logic and law.

The original idea of the VR-World was so that different factions in the FSX VR-World could mark their home bases of operation, where the borders don’t change unless factions are waging war against one another (meaning the borders rarely change unless they absolutely have to, or where each individual faction operates the most when they gather). It is not mainly the borders, but the bases of operation and the regions in which these factions were protecting or operating out of as their home base, or area of defense or operation. This is one of the reasons why there are unclaimed areas all over the USA, because there are so many bases which factions could or might want to operate out of as their own home bases. Factions also were able to base in the same bases together, when allied or partnered for war games, or joint operations, As if the factions were different branches of militaries or private corporations, or even for the same causes. Example ‘GPEO and FSX Air Force’ they were operating together in Tijuana, the Pacific, South Texas, and the Middle East to combat the FSXF during the Revolutionary War. Also, like with GPEO and VSF sharing the bases in the UK. Or like how FSXF and VMC operated long ago in the US (South California, etc). After the Revolutionary War GPEO and FSXF became peaceful, they agreed to operate out of and share all of the Continental US Bases, meaning GPEO and FSXF should be the ones only operating in the US, along with VMC operating out of Marine Bases.

If everyone wished to have things like a global monetary system, then do it right, and recognize that the only factions capable of having craft such as CVN’s, F-22’s, B-2’s, B-1’s, F-117’s, etc are only the GPEO or FSXF. That means the tech; the B-1R’s also would fall under that area as well. I know of some places that have MiG-21’s for sale, otherwise cancel your hopes on having any US Swedish or French tech.

If anything, factions to announce their existence in the FSX VR-World could already be established in the bases they operate in, and here are the more logical steps for factions entering the FSX VR-World:
1. If a faction is already established, has its own system of training, recruitment, cause, structure, members, etc, they would announce their presence on the ITTN or any major forum outlet, in their site or to other faction they might know about to inform them that they operate there.
2. Factions who already have their base of operations set (say they operate out of, Leuchars AB - RAF, they already operate out of it anyway, unless some other faction already operates out of it, then the 2 factions could or would possibly negotiate for ownership or Share the base, with their parking areas assigned and negotiated from the start. Depending on the factions which might already operate out of that base they may out right just say no, and if the faction still desires the base so much or it is of great importance to them, they might out right just attack them for it, using another faction nearby to stage their assault by fighting for the base in a conflict or war in which the winner would hold all claims to the base until they are defeated. Note; this is not meaning that is it right to declare war just to take a base. War should be avoided as much as possible because they make a lasting historical mark against or onto the aggressing factions, leading for possible international branding by other factions, that or the other faction that might lose could no longer have their beloved base of operation. Though some factions may abuse their powers over other factions, however if a war is declared, factions should wage war correctly. That means scheduling sessions for both factions to be able to attend the session, meaning the leaders of both factions E-Mail one another, or contact each other, talk about the area of where the conflict might take place, set a date or future time where both parties can attend, and then fight on the day in which the session is planned. Real time, weather and depending on how the host feels maybe using realism settings on full blown. That means craft might stress and run out of fuel, carrier landings are realistic, etc. These are the common sense laws that were meant when it is said to use common sense and logic. This also means respecting the strategy of war, invading the proper areas to advance into an opponent’s airspaces, supply routes, tactical locations, etc. (meaning attack known supply centers, ports, bases, before advancing to the enemy capital, if any).

Wars are fought for a long time. GPEO and FSXF fought for 6 months and only gained or lost small amounts of land during each battle. Sometimes not any land was secured, but bases and ships might have been damaged or rendered useless, air battles raged on and kills were counted. Imagination is mostly used for writing the historical story lines, battle plans, customizations of craft paints, sceneries, faction ideals and logos, home bases, faction news and propaganda, training methods, laws, government systems, etc. Meaning a good background story or actual story on how the faction was formed, decided to use specific bases, craft, etc; making for each faction to have their own unique story lines, historical value, culture, cause, purpose, training method, media, etc.

Unlimited nukes and assets are not logical there for they could not possibly be recognized by anyone. Factions would not logically be able to claim nukes or carriers legally unless they were donated, inherited, captured or took the time of 2-to-more years to build (real time), because most factions literately just have no capability of being able to support them. Factions start up from the ground and work their way up, that or cause a coup’ in order to secure control over a faction in which they are part of. Factions would not recognize a first starting faction to having nuclear capabilities, ships or anything unless they can back up their claims, especially by older or official factions, unless the faction logically can prove their claims to attaining them from the history of the FSX VR-World. Making for factions that have been around for years to be the ones with the nukes, rightfully they would have been able to attain them logically during past conflicts and exploration of foreign lands, like when Israel was part of GPEO territory, same goes with the USA. Remember the common sense and logical laws. New factions would have no choice but to start from scratch and build the facilities that they want, which takes time (making the scenery, and respecting that it takes real time construction time for them to even have such facilities). Also recognizing the factual knowledge of one’s ability to come up with schematics for such facility, how a nuke works, and where to attain the resources in order to even build one, and the processes of how it is actually done also helps, making their nuke program and other programs legit, logical and on their personal or international record. And if one can’t design it, or describe it, then other factions just might not recognize it and ignore their claims. Same goes with land, the resources in the land and factories that might no longer even be in places where factions once operated in. Example; GPEO operated in Israel for a time when Israel was part of GPEO, GPEO moved whatever nukes that might have been there to another location, or dismantled them, converted them into nuclear power, or armed them in Space using them for the USEA Projects (asteroid control projects) or even GPEO Naval experiments. Same goes for the US Bases, B-1B’s, all transferred to new base locations, B-2 Bombers and other Stealth craft like F-22, F-35, etc all transferred to different locations. GPEO also operated in Switzerland long ago, shortly after the Revolutionary War, meaning those nukes were most likely moved or dismantled. The nuclear arsenal of the UK was sold or donated to the TNF (now Uatia) VMC operates out of Australia, meaning the only places anyone else could possibly get nukes from is China, Russia, N-Korea, or any other Nations that has nuclear capabilities. Even Switzerland was a GPEO protectorate, before it became UCGS. As a global defense against nuclear war, the states within the UCGS were made to dismantle or convert the nukes into power plants or for usage in the USEA. Making Russia the only possible Nation to have nukes, which in such a world where the only threat to Russia might have been only the GPEO or VMC, they might have dismantled a large number of their nuclear capabilities. Meaning the global population of nukes would have been reduced so great that a single nuke would be almost impossible to attain by a small Nation or faction. There are only 4-5 known factions that currently have the legit ability to having nukes, GPEO, VMC, Uatia, ISAF (Nukes moved to Iceland which became a GPEO territory, then UCGS, then a GPEO and FSXRC Base of operation), and possible FSXF (If they decide to be part of the FSX VR-World again. The only other known Neutral Nations to have nuclear capability would be N-Korea, and Russia. ACC invaded N-Korea then surrendered to GPEO, though the nukes were never released meaning that ACC could have possibly used nukes in the most recent conflicts. ACC is believed to have donated their nukes to IRC, which claims to have used 4 nukes on GPEO, 3 of the m confirmed. N-Korea would have had the capability of having 6+ small warheads, poorly made weapons which would still do great damage, but not enough for a global disaster. FSXF did some operations in Russia, making them a possible owner of Russian nukes, though the FSXF became dormant in the FSX VR-World. Current nuclear powers of the FSX VR-World, GPEO, VMC, Uatia, Russia (Neutral State), ACC (Unknown 6+) ACC Disbanded and donated their hardware to IRF, meaning IRF could have had the capability of nuking GPEO in France, however would not have the ability of landing in Greenland due to the airbase being a GPEO facility for testing craft for EMP warfare using the Electro Magnetic Field of the Earth, making their staged assault on Scar Creak a un-legit paradox attack, meaning no kills are counted nor does IRF hold any claims of nuking Scar Creak. We remember that under the ACC the VRCAF used 3+ nukes on Tehran, meaning that ACC would have only had 3 nukes, which could mean that the IRF nuking of France would have been the last remaining 3 nukes which the ACC use to have. Also the USS George H W Bush, CVN was built in Newport News and renamed the USS Rockstar, was in the GPEO Navy until the GPEO Civil War, then might have been sold to ACC when it was in the Imperial GPEO Custody, Meaning that only ACC would have possession of it, and that they might have sold it to the UMEF before UMEF attacked GPEO, Which means that if UMEF did destroy their ships, then the USS Rockstar might be gone.

Just like the real world, the politics are always going to occur and arguments happen; many times the secret political talks are best left secret, for everyone’s sake. Politics in the factions should only be talked with among faction leaders, or the higher ups in a faction. Discussing political ideas with the lower ranking members of a faction usually causes them to leave or start one of their own. There is a difference between members of a faction and the staff members or higher ups of a faction. There are the pilots, and then there are the politicians. It is difficult to recognize them some times, but once a member becomes political, they never turn back, and if they leave they take with them the knowledge and members that are loyal to them. This is where friends back stab one another, lie and deceive their original causes or find their true cause and rebel and unite for what they truly stand for. Once loyal to a cause, they break off to form their own cause, or rebel the original leaders. Politics can be corrupt; they are sometimes better left alone. One might make a deal with another faction promising something, then forget that they already promised something to another causing tensions, breaking of alliances and espionage operations, which like in the real world if some agents or operations are ever discovered, the faction itself could be in jeopardy, or a war could occur for revenge, or public embarrassment could lead leaders into hiding, abandonment of faction, exile or exiting the VR-World, or virtual suicide (individual disappears and never returns, as with the case of Max, the most evil of them all, deceiving, back stabbing of his own friends and causes). These individuals leave from embarrassment, then claim to be getting a life, but are always showing up joining another group or forming one with a different name, or are found playing another game to try and start over again.

There are several different types of factions; at the top are the Internationally Structured Factions which are for the most part fully structured with their own structures of training, leadership, etc. There are the Nationally Independent Factions, which occupy a small patch of land or a region in which they base out of or operate or carrier fleets that have home ports which are operated from. The Militia Sub-Factions, Groups, Naval or Air Units which are ether a Squadron sized faction operating out of a small area, mostly a few bases, or occupy a patch of land, a state, or are a Militia group which would fight for or with a larger ‘Host faction’. There there are the smaller groups, unorganized, rebel, terrorist or small militia, fleet, combat unit, contracted (mercenary) group or flight, which ether use to be part of or can be formed into another much larger faction, which was the case with the Supper Sonic Squadron and Rogue Mercenary Squadron uniting into the GPEO for some time.

When a person sees what looks like a bunch of kids arguing to one another, and they automatically say “Aww that group is just a bunch of kids argueing about who killed who, or who owns what” They are the closed-minded ones who don’t realize that what they are witnessing is the exact same thing we all see in the news in the real world, when Israel and Lebanon are argueing about borders and who fired first or killed who. So when we see these so called ‘kids’ argueing we are seeing real politics happening, media arguments for all to see. It also shows how in the real world that such a stupid argument could be fought over in war, in which actual lives are lost, just over 2 leader’s lack of communication skills. It is sad, and I am seeing how that being the Director of GPEO how it is so much-like the USA, the politics and arguments. I am sort of an Activist against Capitalism, just like someone is an Activist against GPEO. Though GPEO may have political corruption, GPEO does stand for Freedom, and we have learned how fast freedom can be the cause of the group but the complete opposite in actions could be displayed. This is why we must uphold freedom in GPEO and not let it get lost. For when something starts out free it ends a slave, but when it starts out controlled it ends free.

There is honor, and dishonor. Faction leaders and members of faction have it or don’t. Loyalty to friends, cause and group or both can be found all over. For someone to create a faction and have it live on after they leave, that is accomplishment, For one to create a whole VR-World idea and have it live on, that is virtual immortality (At least until it ends).
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Fix to VR-World (Detailed Explination) Read Carfully
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