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 GPEO International NC-01

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PostSubject: GPEO International NC-01   GPEO International NC-01 Icon_minitimeMon Oct 11, 2010 12:21 am

GPEO Forces stand fast as tentions are forseen in the future over possible territorial disputes between a reforming of the old UMEF under a different name, regarding Okanawa and the disbanding and bequatheing of VMC territory to the GPEO, along with rights to their former Naval Reserves of Ships. Two former VMC LHD's are in Tokyo Bay waiting to be re-staffed by GPEO Crews. Another 2 LHD's of 2-MEF, near Austrailia are en-route to Singapore, for their new crews.

Southern California is already being planed to have the GPEO Army Forces from Tijuana move into the former Marine Facilities, and to start withdrawing from Baja California. Edwards AFB along with San Diego area will possibly be staffed full time by GPEO Forces. The VMC's Mothball Fleet of Ships from the 1-MEF are in port at San Diego, and will remain there untill further notice.

VMC is still an active group, however it is Disbanded and is no longer a political group of the VR-World. They will no longer see other groups as compatition, nor will they recognize any type of FSX VR-World engegements. They havestated that they are now basically a civilian community, no longer recognizing engagements. VMC members were granted free access to join into any group that is part of the FSX VR-World, and to assist in conflicts or to just all out join them if they wish.

It is sad to see them go, for they were one of GPEO's longest lasting ally, with no breaks in alliance or betrail in honor, and is a past training and joint operations partner. The VMC will be missed as a political group of the FSX VR-World.
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GPEO International NC-01
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