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 FSFR announcing launch of sattelite system

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FSFR announcing launch of sattelite system Empty
PostSubject: FSFR announcing launch of sattelite system   FSFR announcing launch of sattelite system Icon_minitimeSun Oct 17, 2010 10:45 pm

FSFR will be begining a one month process of sevral rocket launches sending up 5 sattelites theese sattelites are known as project mobility. allowing FSFR to enable worldwide radar system along with live tracking to put to our disposal to find intel about naval and rocketral movements across the middle east, europe, africa, asia, the atlantic and the americas. FSFR pledges to only use theesse sattelites as a way to keep peace and not as a weapon. in a way the sattelite systems will resemble NORAD or our close brothers of GPEO's sattelite system. FSFR will allow peacefull countries the permision to use theese sattelites as well but under direct supervision of FSFR and FSFR has the right to disable usage of the sattelites at any time, the current countries that will have permision to use our sattelite system will be UCFS, GPEO, and CG, anyone else may contact us and we will consider it. 2 of theese launches will be public the other 3 will be held from our Naval base in the indian ocean.
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FSFR announcing launch of sattelite system
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