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 GPEO-Uatia Mutual Protection Pact 10/20/10

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PostSubject: GPEO-Uatia Mutual Protection Pact 10/20/10   Wed Oct 20, 2010 1:03 am

This document officially declares the boundaries of the Mutual Protection Pact between G.P.E.O. and Uatia.


1. The factions aforementioned shall automatically declare an official state of war with any aggressor who threatens the peace and well-being of the aforementioned factions.

2. This pact does NOT allow a military interdiction into either of the mentioned
faction's territories for any domestic threat unless otherwise specified at the time of the internal conflict.

3. This pact does allow ANY and ALL military interdiction into the mentioned factional territory for so long as the threat is foreign and the military is removed after it has liberated the friendly territory.

4. This pact does NOT validate the mandatory declaration of war upon anyone until the mentioned factional territorial boundaries are invaded by a foreign military.

5. This pact is valid until either of the aforementioned faction's leaders forfeits the pact.

Below are the signatures of the aforementioned factional leaders:

[1:56:55 AM] †Ðяλقήθχz ™ ® (UAC) says: Director Dragnoxz of the GPEO
[1:57:46 AM] MC Sics {Uatia} SS Division says: Laird MC Sics, King and Commander of Uatia
[2:00:25 AM] Wesley "$nake" Consten says: First officer $nake of GPEO
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MC Sics

MC Sics

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PostSubject: Re: GPEO-Uatia Mutual Protection Pact 10/20/10   Wed Oct 20, 2010 1:05 am

This is valid.
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GPEO-Uatia Mutual Protection Pact 10/20/10
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