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PostSubject: SHOCKING SHIT !   Sun Oct 24, 2010 7:32 am

I was looking for war footage, and found this. Note Obama acting like a Jew, lol !

And This site, ( ) with English Writing with fucked up sht. Let us contact Akmed Directly, and give them a piece of out mind, while Demoralizing them by explaining them how our AC-130's will effectively end them. Then again, I wonder why them AC-130's withthe Night Vision and FLIR are not used regularly against them at night, when Akmed is continuisly posting VIDEOS ! However, what if they are being allowed to post videos in order to attract Americans to their Religious Cult. That, or a CIA Movement to track FUCKS who simpithise for Akmed use this site to see who is willing to contact them and join them, effectively making them look guilty for it, to try and prove that American Terrorist exist. Which leads to the belief that they WANT this all to happen, in order to take more Freedoms away.

All I know is, this site is shady, a mean to loure English Speaking folk, to cause something in the USA. Why has the CIA, FBI, or any other Intel Group found this, and hacked this site ? OH, wait. Maybe they WANT this site to stay up, or something. Maybe they are the hackers, preparing to write up false shit to everyone who makes an attempt to find out who is right. I engourage anyone to contact this site with regards to joining them, to see what info they give you, hell they might have faith enough to send you money to get over to their terrorist training grounds. But, who is to say that you have to use their shit to go there ? Why not just extort them for all they got ? I am sure that could help in some way to depleate their funds, but if they are too willing to send funds, and actually do, then it is for sure a CIA Operation. OH, now that I wrote this they might track my last post to here, using my IP.

Wait, Aftter I post a piece of my mind, and explain how they are CIA, they might shut this site down. Or, HACK the FUCK out of me, also confirming their CIA Abilities. Or, they will call me something and say Alah will nail my ass, or something. Either way, English Speaking Akmedic Sites are shady. It is a .com site, Akmed don't have internet. Some FUCK just don't think. This site has an IP, it is possiblte to track this IP and BOMB the FUCK out of its ISP, if it is based in Akmedica, Afghanistan. And also, why would Obama be acting liek a Jew ? THen agian, maybe he is just being respectful to Israel. Buthas Israel been respectful toward us, after all the countless resources we gave them, Weapons, Fuel, Craft, Tanks ?

Think, it is all surrounded hatred of Israel, not the USA. They are pissed because we are Israels Bitch. Fuck Israel, Fuck Akmed, and FUCK Religion. Fuck it all, and Fuck the CIA, just because, and FUCK Obama, for being a Jew. I aint ever seen a Black Jew before, NEVER, and look, Obama Biladan is one person the KKK would love to get their hands on, just for doing a JEw Ritual thing, putting a flake of something into a wall, for some Religious Crap. I really lost ALL Respect for him. I hear things like Obama isa Muslum, a Christian, and now a Jew ? I am all fucked up not. I am having a WFT moment.

And to TOP this SHIT OFF this site has very Accurate Data regarding Terrorist Attacks on our troops, OUR FUCKING TROOPS ! Which could be using this data ot their advantage. Look, they show footage and pictures, but you have to fucking sign up. FUCK THAT, I will post my "FUCK YOU MAIL" with other FUCK YOU Comments. IT just blows my mond how the US can not find things like this. Why not use the Enemies Intel against them, right ? No, we use fucking Satellites to look at shit on the ground, when we don't see their underground movements of clandstien operations.

I would like to add that Special Forces are only Special in the way that they do Illegal things, in secret. That is why they cant tell you what they did during their operaitons.

All I Got to say now is "FUCK" I wish I never stumbled upon this site, now my curiosity is going to expose some shit, weather it be US Fucking us Americans and the world over, or if it is a genuin Terrorist Site, in which we can deliver this link to the proper folks to eradicate the Religous movements ability to recruit.
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