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 Crimson Corporate new release

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PostSubject: Crimson Corporate new release   Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:24 pm

The BGM-121 Centurion II Hypersonic Cruise Missile

Range: Classified
Cruising speed: ~1800 knots/ Mach 3
Max Speed: Classified
Cruising altitude: 70,000-120,000
Seek And Destroy altitude: 20,000-70,000
Max controllable altitude: 150,000 feet
Max altitude: 500,000 feet
Warhead: Conventional- up to 2500 lbs. Nuclear, up to 200 kiloton.
Guidance: Remote Television Guidance System
Cost per missile: TBA

Brief History. The Centurion Project was started at the very beginning of the UMEF days, or possibly even before, with Israeli Defense Contractors. In the early days of UMEF, the UMEF Command ordered the design of a long range standoff cruise missile. It's design was to be cheap, using cheaper, yet durable metals and plastics. The propulsion system is a variant of a ramjet-style engine similar to what is seen on the SR71 Blackbird. The missiles is able to be launched from land, sea, or from certain aircraft (modifications needed)

The engine breakthrough did not happen until just before Operation Belka and the disappearance of the original Crimson NTF. It allowed the missile to maintain speed and using less fuel and air in the mid to upper stratosphere above 80,000 feet.

The warhead ejects from the engine just before final impact. The actual warhead is the Ramjet Spike. with a special, classified, heat shielding.

Unknown to the general VR World, 3 of the 5 original prototypes of the YGM-121 missile delivered the nuke blows to former UMEF base known as XXX1, and two other places inside of former UMEF territory. The other two were aboard a UMEF submarine in the Indian Ocean, which arrived in a TFC port just after TFC reformed. The fourth missile was tested in a flight from Misawa AB to Tianjin with a 2500lbs warhead, successfully taking out a PLA field headquarters area. No PLA generals were killed, as confirmed by TFC and the PRC.

Plans are to go ahead and commission the first several conventional shipments with 1000, 2000, and 2500lbs warheads, while future nuclear research takes place.

I have a file in FSX for this. It has the nuke effect in it, but it requires hitting the smoke system. Separate projects are an official file for CG burst missiles.

pic of missile. (file lacks a good repaint able texture)

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Crimson Corporate new release
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