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 BDA declassified

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PostSubject: BDA declassified   BDA declassified Icon_minitimeSun Oct 31, 2010 6:39 pm

the black dagger alliance is now declassified any faction wishing to begin allowing factions in if they wish to be a part of it
we stand for freedom and equality and notice the date this came before GUD so dont say i took the idea

-------------------------------------------------OFFicial Document Of Joined Diplomatic relations--------------------------------------------------

-The Black Dagger Alliance-

COncerning: Date: Saturday, September 25, 2010
FSX Freedom Rangers
Wild Card Forces
United Canadians For a Free Society

The following is a diplomating treaty, and agreement. The three concerning Factions, once this document bears the signatures of
the commander and chief of the said factions, become joined in a Defensive Pact treaty. The nations thereby declare to take up their arms and fight for one another if one of the nations are attacked upon by one outside of the group in this treaty. Upon The signing of this document the nations involved are under oath also in full compliance with the other for open borders, as defined in the past military nation meeting, the geneva convention to have the right to pass freely with militarized possesions through the others territory.
Also theese nations agree that all basses, ships and militaries upon a 24 hour notice approval can be used by the other faction for any of which their choosing as long as approved by the stated faction commander and chief.

The second agreement is for the Military Factions involved will be under oath upon signing of the ducoment to pool all funds nessicary to build the new supper carrier fleets in which production will be held in each of the countries, designated location of Black Dagger Base 1 which stated in the following agreement is to build a new base in which only top secret projects, aircraft and militarized operations are held. the location of the stated base, Black Dagger Base 1, will never be declassified, or written down in any form of court, or in the presence of any judge or person not involved in the following treaty.

The location of Black Dagger Base 1 will be descided only by a unanomous vote of location, and can be an already existing military base. Black dagger base one does not have any restrictions on it and can violate any UN agreement of a demilitarized zone due to the secrecy of the base. after the signing of this treaty each military faction involved has a right to the others production rights on aircraft, naval ships, and architechture. any citezen residing in
any of the countries dicussed in this treaty are cosidered a legal citezen of the other.

Any other treaties, or agreements in which combine the three origional countries may be added after the signatures, however each new addition to this treaty must have a new signature line and each country must unanomosly agree to the origional and new stated treaties or agreements to take effect. This treaty Does Not end Unless a formal document of Severing ties from the origional agreement is made and signed by the conserning faction and shown to the other factions in this treaty, which proof of recognition is granted by a signature of the commander and chief of each faction.

-If you Agree to the above terms please sign your signature in proof that you agree-

------ T.A.C Tyler Addison Coffman

------- Mike Chan
----- Tyler Kelly =)

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BDA declassified
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