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 The Passion, the Fun, the Glory. Gone.

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PostSubject: The Passion, the Fun, the Glory. Gone.   Thu Nov 04, 2010 9:53 pm

I wanted everyone to know how I felt about the slow collapse of CG, and hopefully you can all understand my point of view. I have been with CG since late October of last year. I enjoyed my time with them, but I wanted to say something about maybe how we should all view this. No one really wins in war, all sides lose something in the process. And if it takes for one side to realize the passion and pride of another after a conflict, then there is something to be thought. I think we can all agree, at one point or another, we have all made early conclusions that end up to hurt us in the end. Now if we all look at that, and see who was hurt by it, we might really end up regretting what we did. I will say that if you could ever see the professionalism and dedication from all the true members of the Capital Guardians, you could see how hard it would be to watch this go to the extremes of near death everyday. I will not specifically point out anyone in this, but I instead want to say that if you want to cheat to win, and that is your policy, well then do it, but the consequences from it can hurt you in the future. I think that, and some of the claims made by some have effected us. You might say then just don't get all serious and mad over it, but think about it this way: If you had a good friend, and someone started attacking that friend (verbally, physically, etc), you would support your friend. Now think of that friend being a VM, or someone ranked high in your VM, and that person attacking another VM or high ranking member. It makes sense. So now you have a conflict, and after all of this, there is one superior group. Now if you can accept defeat and acknowledge that everything was fair, then there is no issue. The issue comes when someone cheats, or uses an advantage, or not follow the rules, and ends up winning. Then, if you are the non-superior group, you are upset and annoyed. Now think about how the CG might be like. The great, professionalism and supportive atmosphere is gone. The fun part of this all is gone. Now you have a group of people who are upset because they believe that someone may have done something that broken a rule or manipulated the playing field. Overall, the fun that this is all supposed to be around can be gone if someone does not follow the proper rules, or plays unfairly. The passion, fun, and glory of a member supportive group seems gone. I hope you can understand that in my eyes, this has really made me mad because it was unfair to me. Cheating isn't the answer. If you have to cheat to win, then don't play at all. On the front page of out site, is says "The Capital Guardians. Demand Excellence, We deliver". If we could just all demand the same level of excellence from each member of every VM, think of how much passion, fun, and glory would be behind every VM.

-Thomas H, Tomcat/Eagle from the Capital Guardians.
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The Passion, the Fun, the Glory. Gone.
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