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 Massive Forest Fire breaks out in the indian ocean

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PostSubject: Massive Forest Fire breaks out in the indian ocean    Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:23 pm

AP- A small island aproxamately 1200 miles south of india, erupted in a blaze late last night. The locals say "This has been the hottest year on our records as far back as our ancesters in 400 B.C.." FSFR operates out of a base near this forest fire, so they were the first to respond bringing in helicopter loads by the dozen full of water to douce the flames. The locals were highly amused by the flying rotorcraft and some even got a ride. ADM. Clay "Tex" Pickens stated, "The fire is under controll, and detained we expect it to be extinguished by early tomorrow morning." This large fire can be seen from space as it is just a small yellow glow from the small island by this morning.
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Massive Forest Fire breaks out in the indian ocean
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