International Telecommunications Transmission Network
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 Welcome to the ITTN

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PostSubject: Welcome to the ITTN   Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:58 pm

Welcome to the ITTN and the FSX-VR World System. It is encouraged to contact all other Leaders of Factions that are in the Forum, so that they may become Administrators for their factions Thread. Remember to read the contents of this network so you can gain a good understanding of the system and how it works. Basically this political playground is very much like the real political world; just no one actually can be harmed. With Corporations and military factions of all kinds this VR-World creates a real life scenario of what happens in the real world and what could possibly happen, this is also a learning experience for some of us as well. Keep in mind that factions and corporations will become angered at one another, these emotions are not meant to be personal but may sometimes seem to be personal. When leaders of factions become angered at one another they could settle things down by battling it out. IN this VR World everything goes, from spying, extortion, rebellions and even factions might use their media skills to gain the loyalty of other faction’s members and cause some of them to defect for their cause. Like was mentioned before this is as real as it gets on a virtual scale, anything goes. But remember one thing, the laws of physics, science, reality, logic and common sense are the main rules (No pulling unlimited funds or carriers out your asses) Some factions may start out from nothing as was the case with Uatia long ago, others will establish their faction in former nations and inherit the former nations military craft, economy and resources. But no one can establish in a desert and expect to have everything as they start up; this is where the leasing and business comes in to play. Things are very complex. And remember if one faction is thinking about using a nuke on another they must keep in mind the environment and long term cost of using it against someone.

Remember to keep things logical, factual and use common sense, some may take things too serious; just remember it is a game. Use your imaginations, be open-minded, learn from mistakes, and be honest to one another. Have fun and try not to make this your life, this is meant to take you away from reality, but not to keep you from it.
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Welcome to the ITTN
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