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 Explination of a Virtual Military Faction and System

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PostSubject: Explination of a Virtual Military Faction and System   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:55 pm

Establishing an Armed force faction in this VR World is easy, as long as common sense and logic are used. Kids some times blindly try to claim their status as havign everything when they start, when in reality they have nothing but their self when they start, making the VR-World look like a joke to actual goups.

Mercenary Force - Groups of lone pilots or teams of pilots always looking for a job conduct defense, combat assistance, hits, decoys, etc. Example: Private Corporation hires a Private Defense Force

Peace Force - Secures stability in regions that are constantly at war, and help bring factions to the negotiating table. Or attempts to stabilize civil unrest and to help keep coup d’état’s from over throwing current factions. In addition, these groups also would provide relief efforts to war torn, natrual disasters, or other degraded areas.

Revolutionary Faction - Promotes a cause for change in an established faction by rebellion, ether to take control over it, securing the region from the current establishment, or by breaking off and colonizing a new, unclaimed base or region, to start a new faction.

Dictatorship Faction - A faction that seeks to grow and expand, its members are loyal to the rule and leadership of one person, who allows or restricts whatever they wish.

Democratic Faction - Is lead by the members of the group who all have a say so in what happens in the faction, members hold meetings and vote on its direction, eventually becoming a republic or semi dictatorship, and possibly facsist.

Communist Faction - All members are equal and have a position assigned to them depending on their leaders abilities to place individuals in proper jobs. All follow a council of chosen leaders which are selected by the common members to make decisions on the direction of the faction untill election time. This is more like Democraticly electing, however councils and leaders are entrusted to organize everyone properly.

Fascist Faction - The strongest and most dominant member of the faction leads the pack, and assigns positions to whoever they deem worthy of a certain position. This type of faction follows the strong and defeats the weak, and strives to expand its rule

Kingdom Faction - Follows a code of honor and loyalty to a royal leader or established monarch. These factions mostly are settled in a small region and are usually protected by an Elite Knighthood unit.

For privat factions just starting out, here is a simple structure that could be used to start up from nothing:

1. Think of a name that will stick for your future faction

2. Think of a base or airport in a region to start up in the VR World, a place that is preferably not taken

3. Come up with a structure in which your faction will use when you have enough members

4. Establish a training program so that when recruits start joining they will be ready for training

5. Establish a recruiting program and use the training program to train them

6. Start Assigning members to units and parking ares in the home base, or in other friendly bases

7. Establish bases and an industrial infrastructure using corporations of your group

8. Now the excitement for your faction will begin, war games, conflicts, anything can happen. Use the common sense and logic rule, without just calling immature claims blindly.

Remember, military factions are as powerful as their economy, manpower, combat skills, and intelligence. It will never take a day to defeat an enemy, it must be done in steps, for example:

0. Contact your targeted opponent, state a time and session name, preferably stating that this session will occur in 24 hours or in a week form the date of the message sent, giving details on a targeted areas where the unknown events might occur, keeping the possible attack or invasion shady, but for sure, and the groups secret if they wish. Making sure to give details on where a build up is, and an estimated size of that force. This makes it more logical stating a builld up of forces on a particular border, where in reality it would be noticed by basic intelligence knowledge.

1. Gather information on your potential rivals using agents or spies, know where most of, if not all of their bases location and infrastructure strong points.

2. Once common knowledge is known about the enemy or rival, plan and start training for tactical assaults. Remember to start from your home bases, region or temporarily use a friendly factions region to stage an invasion, building forces up.

3. Use craft that your group can actually logically attain to fly in invasion forces or naval force and if able, use amphibian forces to land on a beaches to capture some land, and use the contractor of your group (a member who is familiar with ADE), to build a field base and Foward HQ somewhere to further strengthen the fronts.

4. Remember that strategically starting at the closes area is more effective, taking out or capturing bases and factories as you close on the enemy HQ. All bases and areas must be captured or destroyed and the amount of members in that faction must be shot down before a victory can be claimed, so if you have 20 members and only 2 active and the rivals shoot them down 20 times then there is no possible air military defense, unless the faction gains more members. Members are counted as official members, factions cannot claim a sign up as a member, they must be accepted and official. If all bases and facilities are destroyed then there is no possible way to fight back, even if there is members left. Though if that happens they are at the mercy of being based in with other factions regions if they are accepted, meaning a possible ally must rescue their forces some how. Just remember to keep things realistic, logical and honest, no cheating and be sensible and logical when fightinf anyone. If you are starting out try not to rush into a war, you will most likely lose within hours or days.
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Explination of a Virtual Military Faction and System
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