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 VR-World Organization Proposal

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PostSubject: VR-World Organization Proposal   VR-World Organization Proposal Icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 1:31 am

I have been examining the VR-World, and realize that what many have said in the past about there needing to be someone to moderate, or organize the world in ordeer to help everyone know who is who and what is what. This comes to me after a defeat of some OCD issues, which then was converted into a sort of thinking trance. The idea calls for this worlds creator to oversee, monitor, moderate, help, work with, conduct UIA operations, and be the all seeing, all knowing, VR-World Moderator.

While everyone has constantly complained about there being no set rules or organization, I come to the realization that this VR-World is becoming almost exactly like the thing I created long ago, called "THE MAP." If this was to take place, leaders would pay closer attention to their groups, rather than expanding; their expansions would be natrually done, during the growth of their group. Battles would be scheduled correctly, no one would hate anyone, there would be more action, and more members fro each group.

The only draw back, for me, would be that GPEO, as a National Group with its own Borders, would most likely have to go. However, the GPEO will still be a group, as it has always been, and its bases would still be used by GPEO, and GPEO would also bunk in with groups that accept the GPEO as a Global Peace Enforcement Organization, as it once was; though the Global Pioneers Elite Organization name will stay. This will make the GPEO similar to the worlds UN, with national leaders able to be part of it.

As for the global organizing of operations, and the founder of the VR-World, I would work closly with leaders, helping them grow, recruiting members that would suit their groups better, organizing members to fit factions properly, and figuring out who should be at a state of conflict with who, regarding friendship and territorial disputes. I would be the master mind of the VR-World, as it logically should be. Like a Dungeons & Dragons Game Master, but better.

This will not restrict anyones ability to grow, expand, or prevent a groups freedom one bit. In fact, it will expand their abilities. This will also allow for a more organized world, which will have many oppertunities for member sto see action, and where conficts could rise. If this is viewed as positive in most of the VR-Worlds leaders eyes, I would like to work closly with each leader, ergardless of who hates who among you all, including rebel, small and new groups. I feel that if the creator of the VR-World is in direct communication with all of the faction leaders, I can better organize what everyone wants to do properly, to where things will be more better.

I also want each leader (spesifically new factions leaders) that your group most likeley will start off in small parts of land, and end up growing, logically to your actual leadership abilities, based upon your groups age, and amount of members, and the way you operate logically and tactically. This will also help me to be able to log and place different factions where they are logically meant to be. Groups wont be started off as Nations, they would start off as Nomadic groups, and grow from there. This will effectavly prevent VFF, early UMEF and ACC, style forces from posting invaled claims to things, to land and claiming unlimited things. Their logical positions, abilities and range will be set, their reputation during their establishment will be set in stone.

In closing, I would like to say that in a way, with everyone coming to me, asking if what they are doing is valed or not, that this is basically what I would be there for; on top of that I would be helping every faction to gain members, paying more attention to their growth, and expanding my ability to help other groups, rather than taking all the time of working with every faction, while tending to GPEO. In a way, that is what I am doing now, but in this case, GPEO would just be the parent "Pioneer" faction that retires as an Experamental Military Corporation, as it always has been. The GPEO will be ther for VM Leaders, and their members, for other things, if they wish, resulting in the GPEO having a full staff of cometent personnel, running its structure, as it should have been.

As for me, I would train fighters for dog fighting skills, work closely with each faction leader as their mentor, giving advice and being their one to turn to for ideas. I will continue to uphold my honor to freedom, and work with GPEO as it being my personal Corporation, spreading media to the VR-World, promoting freedom. The GPEO will be a corporations standing for Freedom, Education, and will be like a University of how to lead, train and run a faction. And in the event that an FSXF sized group ever attacked, all could form under the name of GPEO, or as the coalition of freedom, with every faction siding with one another. Making for a fare fight.
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VR-World Organization Proposal
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