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 Explination of Virtual Corporations

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PostSubject: Explination of Virtual Corporations   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:59 pm

Virtual Corporations:

Construction Industry: This is where a group of individuals who are experienced in various programs gather to create an industrial complex. This group can even be one individual, but they must have superior skills or they will not make it in this VRW. Companies can be aircraft painters, scenery editors, CFG editors, private military contractors or mercenaries, or other contractors. A construction contractor or corporation in this VRW is an individual or group of individuals that make scenery for airports, various military bases, factories, towns, ports, various corporate facilities, railways and roadways connecting them. (Basically experienced scenery editors) If you or a group of individuals can put forth the effort and are experienced enough to make decent sceneries then your corporate experiences might be needed for factions in this VR world, CEO's can also hire private and call on security forces to defend their infrastructures, as long as it is diplomatically legal by the governments in the regions. Corporations mark their areas of interest on a map and post it in the main map room under corporate map.

Sub Corporate Companies: A Sub corporate company is aircraft manufacturing, arms, oil, power stations, agriculture (farming and food production), and various research and development facilities. This sub corporation will need to hire an industrial corporation to build them a facility to work out of.

Example: Construction contractor places a factory, building or industrial complex in a town or city, the sub corporation sets up in a building or industrial complex or compound with all the structures they need to start their work, the complex of factories and other various buildings can be used by one or more sub corporations.

Sub Corporation Examples:

Aircraft Painters – Paints craft for VM’s, can be part of a Faction

Scenery editors – Is like a construction contractor, builds anything; can also be part of a faction

Manufacturing Corporations – Can manufacture many different things, though needs a factory for each type of craft, ship or vehiclePharmaceutical Corporations – Makes medical, vaccines, and health supplies, needs research facilities and small manufacturing plants

Science and technology research Corporations – Researches tech, limited to certain regions unless capable of good imaginational realistically speaking, also needs research facilities and test grounds

Space Agencies – Deals with the exploration of Space and its research, some factions can use it to an advantage for military use, though it is limited to regional areas unless a faction can find a good spot for launching space craft, respecting that parts fall and need a place to land ether in water or vast areas of assessable lands like deserts or plains; these agencies are limited in resources and are difficult to establish unless they are already up, factions mostly share these facilities
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Explination of Virtual Corporations
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