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 2011 Events

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PostSubject: 2011 Events   2011 Events Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 5:59 pm

The GPEO has been politically inactive most of the year, up untill the last few months. RCOE Returned briefly with Falkland Islands Demands, then went back underground, where GPEO Feels they belong.

The Uatian Community has United and Merged into the GPEO as a seprate branch, that only accepts leadership direction from the Director of GPEO. The UAtianDivision was to spear-head the operation.

GPEO has begun arming up the Middle East to assist the remnent Libyan Forces in their efforts to defend against the Rebels in which NATO supports. GPEO hoped to help the Libyan Military to their feet, against the Rebels which have been murdering civilians and Libyan Soldiers that have Surrendered. Among those murdered are large groups of Black Skinned Individuals, which have been rounded up and killeld outright. None of those who were killed ever recieveda Fair Trail.

As a change of action, Uatian Forces halted its infiltration into Libya, and may set up in key position all over Libya, in order to eliminate key players in the unjust Libyan NATO-Rebel Revolt, which is hoped to lessen the Chaotic Evil Actions in which the Rebels are commiting against the Libyan Civilians. At least the lives of those who lost their lives in unecessary killings will not be lost in vein.
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2011 Events
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