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 AeroShark Tech. F-16 EN Viper Block 60+

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Omni Core Unltd.

Omni Core Unltd.

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PostSubject: AeroShark Tech. F-16 EN Viper Block 60+   Wed May 30, 2012 3:24 pm

The AST F-16 EN Block 60+ will be available for export in August 2012. Currently nearing the end of its development phase, this aircraft will feature an array of advancements made to the avionics, airframe, and powerplant. The Viper will also be compatible with both the Code 1 Digital Thresher Weapons Pack and the AST Joint Advanced Weapons System (JAWS). As of now, the aircraft is undergoing updates and refinements to the model and virtual cockpit. Then, it will be begin the final phase of flight testing.
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AeroShark Tech. F-16 EN Viper Block 60+
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