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 AeroShark Tech. TX-31B Mongoose Enhanced Maneuverablitly Trainer

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PostSubject: AeroShark Tech. TX-31B Mongoose Enhanced Maneuverablitly Trainer   Wed May 30, 2012 3:36 pm

The AeroShark Tech. TX-31B Mongoose is a two seat trainer update of the X-31A. Currently, there are two built and used by AST test pilots when documenting Enhanced Fighter Maneuvers (EFM). It has come to out attention that the TX-31B would be the perfect "transition trainer" before fighter pilots step into advanced thrust vectoring combat aircraft such as the F-22 and Su-35. As this aircraft is not as powerful, it provides a level of safety not provided in the single seat fighters such as the F-22. This is the perfect training platform to introduce pilots to the advanced high alpha maneuvers of the modern dogfight. AST will begin mass production of the TX-31B Mongoose Enhanced Maneuverability Trainer (EMT) as well as an Advanced Light Combat Aircraft (ALCA) model designated F/A-31C ALCA. The ALCA is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive F-22 and Su-35, and has proven it's ability to overwhelm most 4.5 in air to air combat simulations. The ALCA will feature and advanced array of multirole munitions available in the Code 1 Digital Thresher Weapons Pack. The TX-31B and F/A-31C ALCA will be available per order beginning August 2012.
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AeroShark Tech. TX-31B Mongoose Enhanced Maneuverablitly Trainer
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