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 AeroShark Tech. F/A-22N Sea Raptor

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AeroShark Tech. F/A-22N Sea Raptor Empty
PostSubject: AeroShark Tech. F/A-22N Sea Raptor   AeroShark Tech. F/A-22N Sea Raptor Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 3:46 pm

The AST F/A-22N Sea Raptor will enter service with the IDN July of 2012. This carrier born fight gen fighter features advancements in avionics, engine performance, fuel efficiency, and weapons capability. Furthermore, the F/A-22N features the addition of a second seat. This second crew member's primary role is to act as the Weapons System Officer (WSO), but can also maintain full control of the aircraft's flight controls during "cockpit sharing" in multiplayer sessions.

The F/A-22N was designed as an "omni-role" platform, and features multiple aircraft models optimized for air superiority, air to surface, anti shipping, ECM, AWACS, and even air tanking. This extends the capability of any strike force over the enemy's territory. Now, the ability to send AWACS and fuel tankers over the heart of the enemies mainland without exposing them to radar guided missiles from the air or the ground is a reality.

The F/A-22N is not available for export and will used exclusively by the IDN. Replacements of the current F-22A will begin July first of 2012.
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AeroShark Tech. F/A-22N Sea Raptor
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