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 Arizona Air Defense

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PostSubject: Arizona Air Defense   Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:58 pm

Today, day three of our campaign began with some aerial combat training with three of our members. At 2100 UTC an aircraft, id S.I.N. Devil1, entered our session. From our training at Luke AFB, we diverted one F-22 Raptor south to make an attempt to establish radio communications. After multiple attempts, the aircraft made several responses in perfect english stating, I'm sorry, I don't speak english. After contact was made, our aircraft alerted S.I.N that we were only training and we requested that he left the airspace. We received no response and were immediately engaged in aerial combat. Our aircraft went into defensive mode and made an attempt to escort the Mig-29 South to Mexican Airspace. After 45 minutes of dogfighting, Sin Devil 1 crashed his aircraft and we returned to base.
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PostSubject: Re: Arizona Air Defense   Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:24 pm

Yea, you guys were training like GPEO was, when Sharkey came in, and nailed us all, lol. Unarmed, training, peaceful insults, then a fukin missile. My poor F-15, I still camp out next to the crater that use to be my fighter. All depressed I feel, thinking about my poor, historical fighter. I had a picture of my home, the way I remembered it, now it is all gone, forever, lol.
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Arizona Air Defense
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