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 Upcoming Operations

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PostSubject: Upcoming Operations   Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:35 pm

Flight Plan #1
Mission Type: Cargo Resupply
Aircraft Type: Black Aces F-22, F-16, C-17
Munitions: AIM-150D AMRAAM (defensive purposes only), M61A2 Vulcan
Ship Formation: 3
Escort: F-22, F-16

Region: Southwest USA
Point of Departure: KLUF
Departure Time: Between 2300-0100 UTC Today
Target Area: KCVS
Arrival Time to Target Area: UKNOWN
Final Destination: KLUF
Time of Arrival: 0100-0300 UTC

Cruising Speed: 300-400
Cruising Altitude: FL200-FL400
Refueling Point: N/A

Session Name-Black Aces Ops, Competitions Lobby

F-22 Callsign- Sniper1
F-16 Callsign- Gambler1
C-17 Callsign- Big Brother

Reason for Op- Resupply our forces in New Mexico for the rest of our current campaign.

Flight Plan #2
Mission Type: Intel
Aircraft Type: Black Aces F-22, RQ-4
Munitions: AIM-150D AMRAAM (defensive purposes only), M61A2 Vulcan
Ship Formation: 1
Standby A/C: F-22

Region: Arizona/Mexico
Point of Departure: Classified
Departure Time: 6/20/12 2-4 EST
Target Area: Mexico City
Arrival Time to Target Area: Classified
Final Destination: Classified
Time of Arrival: Classified

Cruising Speed: Classified
Cruising Altitude: Classified
Refueling Point: Classified

Session Name-Black Aces Ops, Competitions Lobby

F-22 Callsign- Sniper1,Nosedive
RQ-4 Callsign- Eagle
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming Operations   Thu Jun 28, 2012 4:35 am

Today operatives of the S.I.N. will begin the insurgency of the United States. Furthermore we'll step up the aggression in South East Asia and begin construction of several training camps and chemical weapons facilities in remote locations around the world.

-Black Wing-
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming Operations   Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:38 am

Insurgency. Chemical warfare. Increased aggression. That is not terrorism, SIN. That is the base foundation for a typical war. If you're truly a terrorist group, you do not need such weapons and motivation. 1 Boeing 747 can do more damage than a chemical warhead, and it's a lot easier to acquire. If you're after the Black Aces, I know exactly where to hit them in Arizona, and I've got the knowledge to know exactly how their pilots fly.
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming Operations   Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:25 am

Thank you for your concern, but we've already shown that we know how to hit the Black Aces twice. And we've shown that we can manipulate geniuses like you and them into attacking civilian targets for us. A 747 can do a lot of damage yes, but their B-1 did even more. Using chemical weapons is one of the worse forms of terrorism. Remember the Anthrax scare in the US ten years back? Remember the swine flu? The American people shit their pants. How do you think they'll recact when they find out the very air they breath is under attack? In fact, the only thing that would scare them more is finding out that terrorists got their hands on a nuclear weapon and are planning to detenate it in a U.S. city. You just go ahead and leave the terrorism thing to me. I clearly understand it better than you. And we already know how the Black Aces fly. Like I said, I've been around this world just as long as you. I just had a change of face and disfigurment of heart. Everytime they scramble to meet us in the air my pilots see how they fly. Why do you think it took two of their F-22s fourty five minutes to engage one MiG-29A? The average dogfight lasts 30 seconds. I guess the Black Aces are way below average. But I think you for your offer to help us, because after all your chastizing and calling us idiots and puppets, I'm sure your offer is sincere and not a method of trying to get intel on us and pass it on to the Black Aces. I don't know what kind of people you are used to dealing with in your private life Reverend, but nobody here is that stupid.

-Black Wing-
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming Operations   Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:15 pm

For reference, operations realy don't need to be posted in such manner with all of the codes and things. Posting that a session will be up in a few hours or the next day and the time of day would be good enough. Mission details that have secret are just a waste of time.

I would post that a session will be up 6-to-24 hours before it is up, or at least state that one is planned 6 or more hours ahead of time, giving both sides time to prepare for the session itself. Both sides of a conflict should give their foe time to prepare for the session. However, it is up to the leaders of both sides to prepare for the battle and organization of their own units roles.


GPEO Session will be up in 10 hours from this post (*GPEO Military Ops), in the Adventures lobby.

End of Example-

Very simple, no one knows where we will be, but everyone knows we know potential hostiles may enter, regardless of faction (could be FSX-Foce playing as rebels near the region we may fly in). Just remember and respect the borders of other factions and if another faction plays as the role of a rebel, to use what craft might or would be in that area. If IDN flew CAP near the border of N-Korea, it would belogical for MiG-21's to also conduct a CAP. If Black Aces operated along the border of Mexico, it is logical that F-5's would also conduct a CAP on thier side. One side could have a bomber cros the border somewhere so fighters can be scrambled, then a day of air engagements could happen. You get shot down, fuck it, respawn at your start base and get back into the action. Count your kills or deaths, and have fun for the day. Count the total number of losses for both sides, and count individual pilot kills. After the battle award the pilots their proper awards, and write up a document of your sides engagement and post it for all sides to see. Also work out possible errors out of the document, talk to your foe to be sure of the statistics, THEN have the political denounciations. And keep it political and not personal, and if personal, keep personal lives out, and just keep it to VR-World leadership or something, just like SIN denounced Black Aces for the bombing of the civilian airport. Political immage is the thing you need to keep clean, as well as understading errors and keeping good communication with your foe. I would also update UIA on things, so everyone can be sure of the organization. UIA council can work out errors and come up with accurate data of battles, and hlep come up with stories for both sides, if both are working with UIA behind the scense. It will bring in more members to our groups and add to their fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Upcoming Operations   

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Upcoming Operations
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