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 Political ways

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PostSubject: Political ways   Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:46 pm

Due to the recent actions and comments posted by S.I.N. has showed a hostile actions deemed as threats. The Independent State of Arizona reacted with lethal force on June 20th 2012. S.I.N. wishes to infringe upon force againts our State. With the actions, ISA had coducted an Opertaion leading to deaths of civilian due to the hostility of S.I.N. by using a civilian airport for military operations. By the Genevia Conference that is a hostile action against the Country of Mexico.

We are going back to our political ways now. We are dropping the campaign in NM. We are canceling the use of military against S.I.N. as we are rebuilding.

We will be protecting AZ and only AZ. If S.I.N. does enter our airspace, we will engage them. We will be doing lots of training and will re-engage S.I.N. in the near future.

As for Dragonox and Reverend, we will try to stay more calm in our forum posts.

Also, as I'm typing, I think that the forum is going to need a UIA section that includes maps of owned territories.

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PostSubject: Re: Political ways   Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:14 pm

A map of territories, very useful. If I can find some time I will help work on it. What the UIA posts will be the official borders, other borders under dispute should be brought to the ITTN, or at least their factions area. Major factions will have more of a darker/firmer color to them, lesser or rebel groups will have less tint to their colors. These files will be available to those who have Google Earth. The old style maps will have a very basic border scheme. I would also encourage factions to get Google Earth and D-Load it to their computer, and mark their borders, and post the link to their files to the UIA. We will look over them, point out any possible mistakes that might be present, and then add them to the VR-World Collection. Include your bases, ports, and military units, and the number of troops that are in these units (land units and also submarines). Be logical with numbers. If the UIA is lead to understand the numbers are not logical, we will do some figuring and also ask where you could have attained such amounts, weather they be high or low, we will make sure everything if proper and correct, with logic and validity. You can D-Load it here. Learn how to import images, and make them small on the map. Individual ships and ground units should be posted, and air bases. I think we all should have these posted. GPEO will post theirs once the withdraw is complete, since everything is moving so much.. We have our old ones, but they are old.
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Political ways
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