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 Summery of system and commonsense law

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Summery of system and commonsense law Empty
PostSubject: Summery of system and commonsense law   Summery of system and commonsense law Icon_minitimeWed Oct 07, 2009 6:14 pm

Flight Sim X Virtual World - Virtual Militaries, Various Corporations from Airline to Manufacturing, Communities and Causes. This VR World is a global political game in which many different things can happen, treaties, wars, corporate expansion, corruption and etc. We use FSX because we have the whole world, time and weather to use as a real time global platform, to write a historical time line, to construct things in real time, to operate the global system on a virtual scale and to have fun and excitement. There is always something for everyone, though in this VR World the borders are different, there are no artificial terrorist to fight, there are only other factions. Faction leaders may become angered toward one another, in this case wars will be fought, it is encouraged to not leave the VR World just because another faction is defeating you and you might be angered at them, think of this as if it were the real world, should a faction start to lose it is up to the leaders to surrender, disband, or go underground, which is when the excitement can overwhelmed someone. Just look around, read and examine how this VR World works, keeping an open-mind and good imagination will result in members having an extremely exciting experience.

For Virtual Militaries

To declare war on another VM, You are to contact there contact E-Mail on their site, or on their guest book to tell them that you may be attacking them in other sessions soon, at any time. Another way to declare war is to all out just start shooting down there members in sessions, but make sure that you are sure about a war. Once a war is declared you may not back out, unless you and the other VM is willing to sign a Cease Fire Treaty, or a Peace Treaty, it is up to the VM leaders to make the final decisions. There are other things that you can do politically such as trading land, military equipment, secret material, documents, technologies, and ext. First VM to eliminate the amount of members in the others group wins the war. Or on the other hand if an opposing force is no longer willing to fight the other force, and or gives up, it can be called a’ surrender. Should a force leave a session in the middle of a battle, the force that is left may call the others bugging out, or can consider them retreating and may complete their objectives. You could do work for VA, or hire a VA to transport military cargo to secret locations, but watch out for spies telling other VM’s, or a VM could hire mercenaries willing to shoot them down for an extra buck.

For Virtual Airlines and Corporations

If your Airline or Corporation sees that another Airline or Corporation seems to be a financial threat to your VA, or if a Virtual Military is a threat, you may hire a VM that is willing to defend you, or to eliminate the competition. If you can’t find a VM willing to protect your VA, you could pay mercenaries from any VM to protect your VA, pilots, and flights to insure the passengers, cargo, and crew make it home safely. Or if your VA is daring enough, you could do flights for a VM that will pay your VA to transport military personnel, supplies, and secret cargo to different bases, and locations all over the world. Just watch out for potential threats, the other VM forces might not want your cargo to get to its destination, or they could want you to change course to have you land at a base of their choosing. If this should happen you could hire a Spec Ops team from a VM to rescue the crew, and to recover or destroy the cargo. If you are lucky enough, and the mission goes well you could fly the plane out of the hostile location, and fly it to safety.

How to determine Victory & Defeat?

To determine a winner of a war, you can look at the kills-to-members, if you kill more than the amount of members they have in their military group, then you can consider them extinct. Or if one side decides to say that they don’t want to fight anymore, it can be called surrender by the other opposing forces. No matter what they say, if a military does not want to fight after fighting for a while, it is to be considered an unconditional surrender. And if they say that they want nothing to do with the other military group, it is to be considered a victory by submission by the force that is still willing and able to fight. Only a good and honorable leader will accept defeat to the victorious armies, for the force that defeats your large and powerful military force deserves to see your surrender note.
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Summery of system and commonsense law
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