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 The Guardian Times, 11.4.2009

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PostSubject: The Guardian Times, 11.4.2009   Wed Nov 04, 2009 2:48 pm

The Guardian Times
November 4th, 2009
War Breaks Out: CG Initiates Operation Southern Cross, Page A1
Rob Newman, AP

In response to conflict breaking out between the GPEO and the VRC, the CG High Command released this statement: "In response to the current aggression between the GPEO-VRC conflict, the CG are initiating Operation: Southern Cross, a BARCAP (Barrier Combat Air Patrol) operation along the southeastern boarder of the CG territory, with primary focus on Norfolk due to GPEO and VRC positions located there. Overfly rights have been therefore canceled for all VMs during the duration of Operation Southern Cross. Civilian planes are still granted free passage to all civilian airports. a detachment of the 113th FW has been deployed to Richmond International Airport for fast response. this should have NO effect on civilian traffic at the airport. All military aircraft entering CG airspace will be seen as a threat, and engaged."
At the same press conference, the CG also unveiled their latest weapon, the BMW-1A, BMW-1B, and BMW-1C. BMW standing for Burst Missile Warhead. This warhead is designed to be fired at a target, and burst in midair directly over the target, spewing molten metal and shrapnel, destroying anything within a certain radius, and below a certain altitude. you could say it is similar to Flak. The warhead has three varients. A is designed for ICBMs. B is designed for Tomahawks, and C is designed for MIRV missiles. The CG stated that this is their alternative to a nuclear stockpile. In a statement given by the CO, the CG has an unspecified number of A models ready, but it is most certainly a small number, probably no more than 8. As for the B models, they probably have more of them because of their fast response and small size.
As for having a summit among the leaders, Berlin appears to be the host city. Details are still being worked out.
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The Guardian Times, 11.4.2009
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