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 FSX Op Session Details

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PostSubject: FSX Op Session Details   Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:40 pm

Sessions should be hosted in unlocked servers.

Night Ops/Real World Time- Real world time is a must. It doesn't matter if a faction doesn't know how or does not like night ops. The reality is that in the real world, night ops happen all the time. It is the faction’s individual responsibility to train for night ops. If a faction can't do well against another in night ops, then they simply lose the battle.

Real Weather- We know that some members can't fly in real weather, but that could just be an excuse for bad frames. Turn the weather settings all the way DOWN ! Real weather is the difference between simulated operations and training or pretend operations. It is just not realistic to have no real weather. If a member that can't fight in real weather, they are not all weather combat able members and should take a different job. Now, if a person is the only one able to host and just simply can't do real weather, try real world static weather, if all else fails, find a different host or wait till that area of the world is with clear skies in the real world.

Realism Settings- Crash, Craft Stress, and Flight Aerodynamics must be on. It makes no sense to be in a fight and to crash into the ground, to bounce back up and stay in a fight, when the pilot knows they crashed, or destroyed their plane due to over stress. This way they can truly understand when they are experienced or not. Same goes for fuel. If pilots run out of fuel, they don't win. It is simple as that. This is where realistic tactics are a factor, using fuel and range. If a group doesn't have the range, then they simply can't reach a target. If the pilots of a group are not trained well enough to conserve their fuel while in battle, or in route to their targets, then they are not trained enough to win that kind of battle. Face the facts; if a faction loses a battle, it is because the group lacked training and experience.
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FSX Op Session Details
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