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 Faction Tensions

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VR-World News

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PostSubject: Faction Tensions   Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:46 am

I want to let everyone know that if open battles erupt between factions in the VR-World, there is not going to be personal insults from either side of any conflict or war.

ITTN will have a 3 strike rule, regarding personal insults.

First time, it will be a written warning.
The second time, two weeks of revoked posting privileges.
The third violation will be a permanent ban.

That is for the forum. As for open battle, there should not be ANY insults. Faction leaders should stress to their members these things to prevent unnecessary immature actions among factions. Operations should be done with professional manners. Your faction enemy is not personal enemies. There is an in game (in character) rivalry, and then there is the actual person (our of character) stance.
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Faction Tensions
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