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 Middle East Theater Kick Off

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PostSubject: Middle East Theater Kick Off   Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:52 am

Uatia plans to take Iraq through a coup d'état.

Factors to note:

Number of supporters of the various groups ranging from corporate to religious influences. The executive branch may be subdued by Uatia, but doing so opened the doors for Radical Islamic groups to make their moves. They have seen Uatia's move as a bold move to topple the government, or whatever it was, and now want to take the opportunity to make their moves.

I will take the responsibility to play the role of VR-W-DM for Uatia, to use the means of my knowledge and limited resources to play the role of the resistance, behind the scenes. This will be land combat mostly. I will set up scenarios for Uatia to react to in Iraq. Uatia has its assets at its disposal, its members and allies it might have to assist. I can only provide such scenarios in ArmA-1, and FSX. Uatia and myself know some things about Iraq. I will play the insurgency, the government rebels, the resistance. If I attain assets for aviation, I know that few in the insurgency might have a chance to fly them, but most likely will not do well. Inexperienced Mercenaries will be used in FSX, not myself, if aircraft are attained. If GPEO enters the battles, I will allow one of my own guys to lead the forces in battle, and they will not know they are fighting me. This is the price I must pay for being the DM of the conflict.

Uatia will get its conquest, it only depends on their tactics, will to fight and keep the heat up on the insurgency, government rebels, or resistance. Uatia will do its political talks with the various personalities of the DM NPC's, in the mainstream, and they will react as they would, according to the respectful and rivalry style talk a rival would talk like, without personal insults or arguing. This will also serve to be a good example of how the VR-World is supposed to operate, among factions behind the scenes to where members are oblivious to these behind the scenes works, so they have fun and can enjoy the excitement of never knowing what to expect, and to be deployed to areas of war when needed to serve their faction or nation. Even the US based factions or units can take part in these actions, as long as their primary leader is on the same page, and can conduct behind the scenes works such as these we are demonstrating. For now, this will be a Uatia/DM interaction, with potential help from neighbors. Through this thread, we will conduct the talks of future operations, and put them into motion from behind the scenes.
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Middle East Theater Kick Off
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