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 Land Confirmation

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Land Confirmation Empty
PostSubject: Land Confirmation   Land Confirmation Icon_minitimeTue Mar 05, 2013 10:48 am

Mon 1 Nov 2010 On 11/01/10, FSX-CG Donated all of its land to Uatia.

On 11/19/10, GUD gifted all former FSX-CG lands to GPEO, that day GPEO gifted Maine to Uatia. Then on 09/07/11, Uatia folded into GPEO, returning its land to GPEO, until Uatia's break away from GPEO, in which they abandoned Maine.

It is safe to say that Uatia holds the right to claim every ship produced in the Maine Shipbuilding facilities. If ships were produce in those ports between the times of 11/19/10 and 09/07/11, it is safe to say that Uatia has those ships.
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Land Confirmation
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