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 GPEO Syria Support

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GPEO Syria Support Empty
PostSubject: GPEO Syria Support   GPEO Syria Support Icon_minitimeTue Sep 03, 2013 1:45 pm

GPEO has an obligation to provide humanitarian aid and the defense of independence for a nation under attack by predatory corporatist forces that seek to control through the unjustified oppression of the Islamic Extremists, to make a profit from war.

GPEO obligations are to maintain air defense and superiority over the Syrian Airspace, and to open up the airspace to the Syrian Government to conduct defensive and Counter Terrorist Operations, as well as their own humanitarian aid and peace keeping missions. GPEO is to prevent those who seek to help the terrorists succeed in overthrowing the independent nation, and to expose the lies of such undermining tactics used to gain support for such actions.

Recent Intelligence confirms the possibility of high ranking western intelligence officials to have either planted or made up stories of which posed as imposters, mimicking the Syrian Government as they attack civilians or disperse chemicals onto fake populations, for show, to be used as propaganda to gain support against the Syrian Government, and to use it as a means to attack Syria, including civilian targets, like universities and schools.

This is a Declaration of Defense and Humanitarian Aid.
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GPEO Syria Support
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