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 Space Transport Program

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Space Transport Program Empty
PostSubject: Space Transport Program   Space Transport Program Icon_minitimeWed Sep 25, 2013 3:29 pm

USEA is willing to offer a position for OCU for a joint project regarding the Space Transport program. The primary field is mega airframe structure design and weight distribution. USEA could focus on the internal systems, organization of rooms and self sustaining capasaty, as well as other parts of the program.

The program would be primarily funded and lead by the USEA through GPEO, so expenses are covered completely. However, staff and personnel will need to fuel their own vehicles getting to and from work. Food and dorm housing is also covered for qualified personnel. It is mandated that all personnel, including both USEA and OCU, as well as other organization entities must have deep background checks to ensure the program will be heavily secure. Details will be explained further if OCU accepts this offer.

The end goal will be to benefit humanity and move it toward a space-faring society, so that humanity can explore and expand into the heavens. These space transports, if enough are built, will be able to bring to space and other planets construction materials, as well as collect raw materials from other worlds, as well as the tools needed. This is also including the most advanced technology for defense of these ships for the possibility of encountering advance beings that may be hostile.

We don't need to meet a hostile ET that might attempt to destroy our world. However, we would like to be in the position to aid others possible friendly ET's as a gesture of kindness, just in case. There is a very real possibility of meeting ET's, good and bad ET's, especially if we begin to expand and explore worlds in the habitable zones of different worlds harboring life.
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Space Transport Program
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