International Telecommunications Transmission Network
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PostSubject: Announcemt   Sun Nov 08, 2009 8:13 pm

There are rumrs that some VMs are leaving this VR World for another. That is not the case. We all will be staying, as it is normal for tensions to rise and fall thruout the corse of history
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PostSubject: Re: Announcemt   Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:17 am

spartacus8193 wrote:
There are rumrs that some VMs are leaving this VR World for another. That is not the case. We all will be staying, as it is normal for tensions to rise and fall thruout the corse of history

This is well said, and it was also mentioned when it was started, tentions will be real in a way, though we all know at the end of the tentions we are all online friends having fun. Though the ACC was exposed they don't have to leave, it should be looked at as a fun and exciting event for both the exposers and exposed, they could alwayse use the forces they have and fight in a way, or go underground fo a while, if anything Corsi would be a good Corporate Leader for one of the Pharmicutical Companies, a Corporation Simelar to the Umbrella Inc. one. These exposings are not meant for enyone to leave, it is also a learning experiance for us all in a way, to learn how to communicate politically, to learn how to make good decisions, etc. You can see that War stratige is just a small part in this VR-World system, anyone can declare war and win, but a political victory can also be damaging to another faction. As with some faction merging to make one bigger fction, that is a stratige, but a dangerous one because there is 2 leaders that may one day have different agendas, one might want war and the other might not want war. And when 2 united factions have internal tentions they don't need to leave, they can have a civil war, or a spliting up or escapeing. If you use your imagination you can think up many scenarios. Example, UCGS seems to have most of the worlds resources, other factions might want to expand borders but find UCGS in the way, and can't do much with GPEO defending it, some may call it Communism, some Call it a Free Society, ether way, a lack of communication or different mind sets will cause frictions. Reguardless , these tentions and frictions should not be reality frictions, we all must remember this is a game and not real life, no one is realy being exposed or killed, though it should not be taken as if the world should be nuked the mind set of (its a game and we can nuke the world) will effectivly end the game all the way for most, because it will have dastroyed world, and that will not be fun; as with he real world, the US wants to reduce global nuclear arms because we know that no one will win, in this cace if the world was nukeless then nothing would stop the US fron taking over the world (or the private corporations based out of the us). Back to the game; like said in the VR-World Description, is the closest thing to real life political activity, where the UIA is a replica of the CIA, with a internation network of intel going in and out. This network is so complex it is almost impossible to know who knows everything, and not everyone does but all intel can pop up there at any time. 2 factions could be at war for real and no one could know that their leaders could be planning together for a bigger agenda, as with WFM and VRC, public war, secret agenda. Now do ya get ths idea of this political system ?
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PostSubject: Re: Announcemt   Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:05 am

I have actually planned to leave for awhile, in addition to the VM I own three add on companies, one 3D modelling company, one consulting group, and work with three advertising agencies. On top of all this I have been running a VA for about a year and a half now, I just felt it was a good exiting point. I may continue to lease out my airline as a contractor and keep ITMA going, but a full virtual military or peacekeeping force is just a little bit too much right now. Plus I have a job offer from Abacus which will take up even more of my time.
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