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 German Issues

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PostSubject: German Issues   Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:39 pm

We are trying to figure out what could cause some issues in Germany, which could lead to Civil Unrest, leading to an Uprising. What we came up with is a civil rights movement that would include protestors that speak out against the government regarding the lack of freedom of expression. It all centers around free expression. The free expression traits would be linked to the right to display the individual freedom to show support for the former Nazi Party, which is translated to "The German Workers Party." Bringing back the Swastika symbol and the good points and patriotic values of the way Germany itself once was, and to display lack of support of a EU Style NATO Controlled Germany. After all, Germany is always recognized for being anti Jew, and the Holocaust history being tweaked into making Germany look like the Villon of the past. Only the bad in Germany has been displayed, further hurting the German image, thus making Germans themselves not really support Germany, to where they submit to the UN and look like the bad guys in most/majority mainstream movies of the Second World War. The protestors would shed light into this if they had attention in the media, and how to get in the mainstream and bust this issue wide open are as follows.

1. Protestors gather in a populated town once a week, talking about such issues.

2. During one of those protests something instigates the police into shooting protestors, killing many.

3. Protestors gain lots of mainstream media and their cause is openly displayed, causing anger in many Germans.

4. Weapons from all over begin to get smuggled into Germany, but not all are found.

5. Slowly, the region becomes destabilized, just like Syria , and eventually an all out Civil War.

At stage 5, other nations and individual factions may begin to indirectly support the Rebels. However, NATO friendly nations and the UN may enter the nation to provide peace keeping and anti Rebel operations, using Drones and other means. This sort of conflict would have several cargo aircraft flown in with weapons to support rebels, which means UN craft would attempt to seek and eliminate them. Those transports may have fighter support to help, which means the potential for air combat.

To calculate the statistical casualties, major towns that would be fought for to take over would be calculated using a Warfare in ArmA. At the end of every ArmA Warfare, the statistical results would need to be counted, along with each players kill to death rate. We will count the victory or loss, depending on the side that won, (Rebel or Military).

This scenario may take a while before it gets to the Warfare Stage.
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German Issues
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