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 MDI Operational Report; 0330Z 15AUG14

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MDI Operational Report; 0330Z 15AUG14 Empty
PostSubject: MDI Operational Report; 0330Z 15AUG14   MDI Operational Report; 0330Z 15AUG14 Icon_minitimeThu Aug 14, 2014 9:31 pm

Magnum Defense Initiative proudly declares themselves open for business. Our current primary contractor is Uatia, and the details for said contract are currently not open to the public. MDI has officially deployed in Iraq and in allied sectors along the eastern Mediterranean seaboard, as far south as the Suez Canal, and north as Lebanon. In addition, contact has been made with the USS Rockstar Carrier Battle Group, who has eagerly returned to the command of their former commanding officer, Reverend, as the primary naval assets for MDI.

Status Report: MDI has begun mitigating assets to an undisclosed location in Iraq, approx. 50 miles West from the Uatian capital of Sorbital, declaring the name of this location as RHQ Patterson, their regional HQ in the area. It is estimated that the base-line construction of this location is to be completed NLT 1800Z, 17AUG14, in that the location will be adapted for hospitality to a large force of ground and air elements, and moderately defended. It is anticipated that full-scale construction of the RHQ should be completed by 01SEP14, but this date has not yet been 100% confirmed.

In addition to construction of the RHQ, MDI has also began covert operations against insurgents and extremists in Iraq, including the terrorist organization "ISIS." These operations began at 0030Z on Wednesday, 13AUG14, primarily consisting of recon and mapping of patrol patterns. At 2100Z, 14AUG14, a motorized MDI patrol on their way back to Uatian-controlled territory was attacked by (what we believe to be) ISIS activists (though this has not been 100% confirmed, due to a lack of prior encounters.) approx. 200 miles SW of Sorbitol. There were no casualties or wounded personnel, and ISIS suffered approx. 12 confirmed KIA, and 2 technicals (pickups mounted with large-caliber MGs, likely M2 HBs or DshKms) were destroyed during the confrontation. MDI has declared that their patrol acted defensively, and that if it weren't for the hostile actions taken against them, there would've been no aggressive actions.

MDI has, in awareness and light of the situation, and with increased activity within ISIS's personnel within the region, upped our readiness preparation from Level 5 to Level 4, and have deployed increased patrols. ROE currently remains as thus: Any armed personnel presenting a hostile act will be fired upon. Armed personnel (except those identified as friendlies) within audio range will be waved away, followed by a warning burst if audio and visual deterrents are ignored, and will be deemed hostile if they approach further. Unarmed personnel deemed assisting terrorist activity will be treated as hostile, and will be detained or fired upon, depending on situation.

This concludes the operational report, 0330Z 15AUG14.

Cmdr. "Reverend"
MDI Commanding Officer

Cmdr. "Zazzmatazz"
MDI Executive Officer
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MDI Operational Report; 0330Z 15AUG14
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