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 Airforce Contract

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MC Sics

MC Sics

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PostSubject: Airforce Contract   Tue Aug 19, 2014 11:47 am

So for the longest, Dragnoxz has been explaining to me that GPEO is no longer a faction type entity. GPEO is supposed to be some kind of corporate conglomerate.

It has come to my attention that Uatia cannot recommission it's air force to operational status by 9/1/14.

I am hereby proposing a contract IDEA between GPEO and Uatia that was suggested by Snake.

We would like to hire GPEO to take over Uatia's Airforce's role in combat until we can properly recommission our Airforce.

Most of Uatia's original pilot sign-ons have sadly died in our ground force and the ones that are left are either disabled/retired or few and far in between. I have already recalled the currently active/serving pilots out of our ground forces but the numbers are alarmingly low. It will take a while to train enough pilots from scratch to field a decent air force. Another thing is maintenance. While we have plenty of aircraft parts laying around to fix our airplanes, we do not have the mechanics to do so. The closest thing we have to a jet mechanic are the UT-300 and UT-400 tank mechanics as those are currently our only land units that utilize turbine engines. So they are completely qualified to work on Tu-95's but not full blown jet engines. That means no fighters.

Would GPEO be willing to provide air cover, teachers and mechanics in return for another service or commodity?

I await your reply.
This offer expires on 8/24/14

MC Sics
King of Uatia
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PostSubject: Re: Airforce Contract   Tue Aug 19, 2014 9:21 pm

GPEO is currently under reorganization. GPEO is also low on active pilots, but could manage in an air war scenario should all of its current members find time for operations. There is also a small possibility that we can gather some cadets from the ROTC program I am part of, and get them in on some GPEO flight time.

It is confirmed that they do train USAF style, and I have also confirmed that FSXF seems to train like them as well. The problem is, they do not possess the skill level that GPEO pilots do. It has come to my attention that ROTC cadets learning to fly are not trained to GPEO standards. It is also understood that the training time they have compared with GPEO training time is much more longer than I would have expected. It only took me a few moments to train one of them how to properly turn, maneuver and land.

I can train a few ROTC cadets to conduct air combat like GPEO pilots do, and it might be possible that on times of free time we can assemble an ROTC Unit in GPEO for various operations. It will take some talking with other cadets, but I think it might be possible. If we do this, GPEO will be a mixture of real ROTC cadets and Elite GPEO pilots, which will be a highly formidable force to be fucked with on all levels. They seem to like GPEO technology, aircraft and bases, and tactics, so this may be a good thing if it is implemented. But, as for now, GPEO is limited on pilots.

We have several members that are not trained to GPEO standards, but they are trained well enough to easily take on the best of the ROTC cadets that I have met. Some of these GPEO might be able to be trained and into Flight Officer status if we can get in the air with them with Trainers. So far, Snake and I are the only ones who are qualified for training or testing and evaluating them to determine if they are ready for being GPEO Flight Officers. I do need to go over some things with Snake regarding Flight Officers. It is one thing to have flight skill, but another to be able to file a debriefing report after every battle.

(Fuck this. Here is a shorter version)-

GPEO is willing to help Uatia, but Uatia must understand that GPEO has some rules of engagement restrictions.

GPEO will not target or attack civilians, unless they are radical religious extremists.
GPEO will not engage airliners unless to damage the engines.
GPEO will defend the Uatian bases of operation.
GPEO will defend Uatian Airspace.
GPEO will not attack any internationally recognized nations unless they attack Uatia in any unprovoked reason.
GPEO will not attack the Kurds, or any other entity unless they attack GPEO or Uatia in any unprovoked reason.
GPEO will not conduct counter productive or suicide operations.
GPEO may train Uatian pilots.
GPEO may provide the Uatian and any other war torn areas with humanitarian aid.
GPEO may bring Uatia raw industrial materials to aid Uatia in its infrastructure foundation.
GPEO may provide support for Uatian allies.
GPEO may engage in air war tactics with GPEO Snake taking leadership of the air war command, and may direct air battles.
GPEO may conduct, with GPEO Directors direct involvement, Black operations for Uatian agendas.
GPEO may withdraw form the agreement should any breech of contract occurs.

Let me know if this is a good contract. Feel free to edit and change things around or add things.
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MC Sics

MC Sics

Chinese zodiac : Goat
Posts : 367
Join date : 2010-01-23
Age : 27

PostSubject: Re: Airforce Contract   Tue Aug 19, 2014 10:05 pm

Looks good to me.
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PostSubject: Re: Airforce Contract   

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Airforce Contract
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