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 MDI Operational Report; 1900Z 20AUG14

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MDI Operational Report; 1900Z 20AUG14 Empty
PostSubject: MDI Operational Report; 1900Z 20AUG14   MDI Operational Report; 1900Z 20AUG14 Icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2014 1:07 pm

Magnum Defense Initiative proudly declares their first official contract in full effect. As stated before in our operational report, Uatia is our primary contractor. MDI has officially deployed to RHQ Patterson, and have begun migration of any and all assets left hidden around the globe, including personnel and equipment. It is in the best interest to MDI to center themselves in the Middle East, where their operations would be day by day.

Status Report: Magnum Defense Initiative has deployed the majority of their assets to RHQ Patterson, approx. 50 NM WSW from the Uatian Capital of Sorbitol. Full-scale construction has been confirmed to be complete NLT 1800Z, 01SEP14.

In addition to the deployment at RHQ Patterson, MDI has also begun strategic operations against insurgents and extremists in Iraq, with the purpose of securing key assets and borders around our own and allied territories and bases. MDI recon teams had identified an airstrip (ORS2) to have hostile intent, as a SAM site at the airfield locked on and engaged MDI aircraft near the vicinity. At 1730Z, 20AUG14, MDI Command issued orders to destroy key targets at the airstrip (ORS2), resulting in JDAM strikes against the Tower, Munitions Hold, Supply Hold, NDB, and any active AA and AAA threats, being one active SAM battery on-site. Furthermore, a runway denial (GBU-83B) bomb was dropped on the active runway, preventing further use of the airstrip for any additional aircraft. It was also confirmed that an SU-25 Frogfoot was engaged and destroyed during the operation. The airstrip was approx. 90 NM NNW from Baghdad, and it remains questionable as to who was operating from the base.

SOP and ROE remain as previously stated in the previous report.

This concludes the operational report, 1900Z 20AUG14.

Cmdr. "Reverend"
MDI Commanding Officer

Cmdr. "Zazzmatazz"
MDI Executive Officer
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MDI Operational Report; 1900Z 20AUG14
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