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 VR-World - Popularity

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PostSubject: VR-World - Popularity   Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:40 am

We are currently in a scenario where we are low on VR-World population, and some would say this is all a dying cause.

I know that Game Spy is no longer hosting FSX, as well as some of the ArmA platforms.

To some it almost seems impossible to grow as an internet community, to the point of giving up.

Here is what I think; this community has leadership capabilities, and you leaders of groups are capable of working together.

Lets pull together as a community, and think unconventionally and critically about this.

I think we can pull this off. We are not dumb. we have what it takes to think critically.

For us, this should just be another war in which we work together against the established mindset.

Every one of us has the ability to critically think, if it means to defeat one another in wars against one another.

Come on, lets put our own differences aside and think of the critical picture here.

Obviously we are a dwindling community, but that is because we lack the confidence to succeed as a community.

Make it work. Don't let anyone tell us we are dying, and don't tell this to ourselves.

Everyone has opinions, but opinions get us nowhere. As long as we say this or that, we never move forward.

So, lets work together for OUR community, and move forward, and keep opinions off the realm when it comes to teamwork.

We can do this. We are a sort of family. We can make it happen. We need influence, not opinions.

Once we realize we are what is keeping this world alive, then we will know we say if the fate of this community.

Restoring this community will take time and effort. Not all of us have that time, but the little time we give helps.

Kick off this plan by first proposing a new server site that is similar to FS-Open, but is military oriented aviation.

There is a code here, lets see if you can figure it out.
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VR-World - Popularity
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