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 Turk/Greek Conflict

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Turk/Greek Conflict Empty
PostSubject: Turk/Greek Conflict   Turk/Greek Conflict Icon_minitimeFri Dec 12, 2014 12:53 am

We should rally up some Greek on Turk action. I will give a scenario.

1st Events- Territorial Turkish Nationalist in the Western region of Turkey begin protesting the fact that Greece controls islands just off the coast of Turkey and say they belong to Turkey. After radical political thrusts and wins, these Nationalists have gained prominent political power in high places. Their primary goals are to secure those islands by any means.

2nd Events- Air Force and Naval Units are now under the control of some of these radical nationalists. They have assembled forces and plans to take over those islands they claim should be under Turkish control.

3rd Events- Turkish Nationalists attack and take over the targeted islands quickly, and move in to secure more islands using the Turkish Navy. Greek forces retaliate and dispatch their naval forces in an effort to stop the Turkish advance. Turkish fighters are set out to stop the Greek Navy from getting in range to threaten the Turkish Naval Forces advance. A large air engagement occurs, sparking off the virtual military engagements.


We want to have leaders of two different factions to engage in real time areal warfare.

Fighter Craft used will be as follows:



Depending on the leaders choices, their groups will be using mostly those craft for the nation they play the role for. The majority of the fighting will be F-16's on F-16's, with a small mixture of the others.

Air engagements would take place in FSX, using real time and real weather and the air combat counting system.
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Turk/Greek Conflict
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