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 FAF Power Struggle (Rebellion)

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FAF Power Struggle (Rebellion) Empty
PostSubject: FAF Power Struggle (Rebellion)   FAF Power Struggle (Rebellion) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 10, 2015 9:33 pm

At some point down the line, the idea came about regarding a power struggle among the FAF power. Another idea is the possibility of two FAF's to come out of this situation. New FAF, or NFAF (New Firebird Armed Forces), maybe even Revolutionary FAF (RFAF), something like that. this could be a new chapter in the FAF power and benefit all of the VR-World factions.

During the conflict, the following could happen.

An old FAF member could return to the group at a low rank, attain both trust and close ties with some of the other FAF members, and cause a division of the faction and attempt a coup, but inevitably cause a split.

Reasons this could occur: The current leader displaying incompetence and is not focused on FAF group affairs due to personal relationship affairs with mate. The current FAF diplomatic situation crumbling due to it failing to pay attention to its political surroundings, like ignoring and displaying disrespect toward the political realm.

A split between sense and blindness, as well as justice and revenge. Such scenario would occur as a result of FAF having internal issues during a war with an external power, the agent could unite the FAF, then successfully defend the region it resides from invasion, and once things slow, the FAF Rebellion could take place, splitting both. With a good leader displaying good improvement over enemy powers during war, it can prove that such leader is worthy of following, and effectively change the tide of FAF and improve its stability as a formal power.
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FAF Power Struggle (Rebellion)
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